May 182011

We had covered about Maxis Broadband packages not long ago and we noticed that other telco providers such as DIGI also provides the similar broadband plans to customers and claims to be the best broadband in Malaysia. Is that true? Let’s find out why.

First of all, DiGi provides a broadband comparison chart for you to see the difference between DiGi, Telco C (Celcom) and Telco M (Maxis).

digi broadband comparison chart

From the chart, you can clearly find out the cheapest broadband plan in Malaysia is offered by DiGi which is RM 38 per month with 3GB quota. According to DiGi, 3GB quota can give you an average of 2,000 emails, 100 surfing hours, 100 videos (2 minutes each) and 200 music tracks (CD quality). Unlike Telco C and Telco M, their cheapest broadband plan start at RM 48 with lower quota at 1GB and 1.5GB. When you sign up with DiGi broadband, there’s no minimum contract period for any broadband packages and no termination fee will be incurred.

What else you should know about DiGi Broadband?

Based on the above comparison chart, DiGi Broadband packages seem to be the priority choice among the others. However, I think you should also know more details about the connection speed and fair usage policy applied by DiGi.

DiGi does not guarantee a service level and connectivity to users who use P2P file sharing software such as Bit Torrent, eDonkey and Limewire. Therefore, if you are using peer to peer software to download video files; DiGi will throttle your broadband bandwidth to ensure fairness to other broadband customers.

If you are planning to subscribe DiGi RM 38 Discover Day plan, you will probably get the average speed of 700kbps (download), 200kbps (upload) from 7am until 7 pm. After 7pm, the speed will be throttled to 128kbps and P2P will totally block.

How to Save More with Digi Broadband subscription?

Do you know that you can pay only RM 33 per month by using auto-billing service? When you choose to pay via auto-billing service, DiGi will automatically debit the monthly bills to your credit card account and you will enjoy RM 5 monthly rebate.

DiGi Internet Plan Recommender

digi plan recommender

If you are still wondering which broadband package will suit your needs, DiGi has provided a plan recommender to determine your internet usage patterns and suggest you the right broadband package for you.


DiGi Internet Broadband provides some affordable broadband packages for average internet users to enjoy more broadband bandwidth and faster internet speed but not suitable for heavy users who always download files from Peer to Peer.

Visit Digi Broadband plans page for more details.

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  1. From the description, it seems Digi broadband is a good choice for bloggers. :)

  2. Still prefer broadband with no bandwidth cap.

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