Mar 042010

Digi Malaysia will start selling Apple iPhone series in Malaysia, the iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS for DIGI customer before mid of the year 2010. Digi Malaysia is one of the top mobile communication company in Malaysia and become the second local cellular company to sell iPhone 3G in Malaysia after Maxis Malaysia. For your info, Maxis Malaysia has been selling Apple iPhon in Malaysia for nearly 1 year.

Apple iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS are the fastest and most powerful iPhone series and it displaced Windows Mobile as the third biggest smartphone operating system in the world.

If you are interested to test out the powerful of iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS, do not forget to leave your email address in Digi iPhone Promotion Page to get the latest offer and details.

I personally think that Digi’s agreement with Apple is in the right direction because iPhone 3G is fashionable and the biggest factor will be Apple iPhon got large enough market especially younger generation. Well, I’m happy to see that we have other mobile communication company to start selling Apple iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS because it will spark the iPhone selling price war between both companies on services and packages.

  13 Responses to “DIGI Malaysia Sells iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS In Malaysia”

  1. Digi User need to application one iphone 3GS

  2. @Chen Kok Woon: In my opinion, Digi users will get better deal if they apply for iPhone 3GS. Let’s wait for the good news from DIGI.

  3. I really like iPhone…Unique design =)

  4. @Blinkky: I love iPhone too but the price is not that cheap in Malaysia. Anyway, I think it still worth it. :)

  5. Hiya! My iPhone is spiffy, though Apples new iPad seems too damn sexy so I can’t decide which is better? Which do you suggest?

  6. iPnone 3GS is outdated by HTC HD2, Google Nexus One. I will wait for next gen iPhone and see. :P
    .-= Jayce´s last blog ..Download Microsoft .NET Compact Framework 3.5 cab for HTC HD2 =-.

  7. @Bronwyn Catala: I guess both gadgets are cool and I think I will take iPhone too.

    @Jayce: You’re right. But if Digi gives very special deal to their customers, I think people will still buying it. :)

  8. The iPhone is a totally new prospect to mobile technology which has made the mobile more than a communication device. The iPhone functions as an iPod, media player, internet, camera phone, has a multi-touch screen and much more. At present, there are number of iPhone applications that belong to different categories. These applications include study applications for students, social networking applications, and many more. Students can use various types of iPhone applications which are helpful in studies, doing homework, preparing for exams, online tutorials, iPhone dictionary and many more.

  9. I’m waiting for the launch, I’m ready to grab an iphone for my own use, maybe 3GS 16GB. I believe the price won’t go lower than RM2k, but I have to see what Digi offers. Also, I’m a Digi user. :)


  10. @Brett Mau: Well said, my friend. iPhone is no more an ordinary phone, it’s a combination of mini computer and phone. Nice invention from Apple. :)

    @Lee Ka Hoong: Glad to see you here. I’m a loyal Digi user since I have my first handphone. Let’s pray and hope the price of Digi Users will be cheaper than the market price. :)

  11. The IPhone 4 still restricts users from running any software that isn’t approved by Apple and distributed via its App Store. That sucks. I must admit I prefer my android to that iphone 4.

  12. the iphone 3G looks cooler and stylish than blackberry**-

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