Aug 132010

Although the latest iPhone 4 has not arrive in Malaysia, the two existing iPhone 3G telecommunication providers aka Digi and Maxis are offering lower iPhone monthly fee to their iPhone customers. For iDigi Price plan, the iDigi 88 now has reduced the monthly fee from RM88 to RM60, iDigi 138 from RM 138 to RM90 and iDigi 238 from RM238 to RM160.

idigi iphone price plan

In my opinion, Maxis iPhone 3GS price plan is not as attractive as Digi iPhone 3GS price plan. For example, for the ivalue plan 1, the monthly fee is RM100 and you get 500MB free data and longer hour of free local calls (333 minutes). However, iDigi 138 plan just need to pay RM90 per month with 450 minutes voices and 3GB internet data which I think is more economic and affordable price in the long term.

maxis iphone price plan


I’m wondering when will Celcom Malaysia offers iPhone plans to all iPhone fans in Malaysia? Then, we can have more choices and able to get the best iPhone plan deals.

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  1. Can’t wait for iPhone 4 to arrive. Thinking of get one or Android phone ~ Samsung Galaxy S.

    • @Jayce: Recently, the first SMS trojan was found in smartphone using Android phone. So, be careful if use Android phone. :)

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