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Digi had officially announced the iPhone 4 Price plan today. Digi iPhone 4 is offering the most affordable iPhone 4 plans starting from RM 58 per month.

digi iphone rm58

iDigi Postpaid Plans

The new Digi iPhone 4 price plans have new promotional monthly fee pricing which only applicable for NEW signups from 24th September 2010 onwards. The new Digi iPhone 4 subscribers will enjoy the lowest monthly fees from RM 58 if you sign up for auto billing at the point of purchase. Without signing up for auto billing feature, you will have to pay RM 63 monthly fees instead of RM 58. For your info, all the iDigi Postpaid plans below are on a 24 month contract.

idigi postpaid plans

Digi iPhone 4 Prices and Payment options

Maxis iPhone 4 Price plans were released earlier than Digi iPhone 4 and both Maxis iPhone 4 and Digi iPhone 4 have the same RRP (Recommended retail price) which are RM 2690 for iPhone 4 32GB and RM 2290 for iPhone 4 16GB. Please refer to the Digi iPhone 4 pricing details and payment options as shown below.

digi iphone 4 price plans

digi iphone 4 easy payment plan

Where to get Digi iPhone 4 in Malaysia?

The Digi iPhone 4 is available nationwide at 45 outlets start on 24 September 2010. Click here to find the nearest Digi outlet at your area.

Digi iPhone 4 or Maxis iPhone 4?

Now you already knew both Digi iPhone 4 price plans and Maxis iPhone 4 plans. It’s time for you to decide which plan and iPhone 4 provider to choose. Think carefully before choosing any iPhone 4 plan. Let me point out some differences between Digi iPhone 4 plans and Maxis iPhone 4 plans for your reference.

1)      Digi iPhone 4 postpaid plans are more attractive than Maxis iValue Plans in terms of monthly fees. The cheapest Digi iPhone 4 plan is RM 58 while the cheapest Maxis  iPhone 4 plan is RM 100 per month.

2)      All Digi iPhone Postpaid plans are on a fixed 24 months contract while Maxis iPhone 4 has flexible contract period (12 months or 24 months)


I hope you can find the right iPhone 4 plan to suit your personal requirements and do share with us which iPhone plan that you sign up and the reason of choosing it.

  8 Responses to “Digi iPhone 4 Price Plans | Digi iPhone 4 Plan for RM 58”

  1. Look! Digi inserted the following tagline in their website
    “Wherever you are in Malaysia, we’ve got you and your iPhone covered!”

    I find this totally misleading because there are still places in Klang Valley, eg Puchong, that has very weak or no signal for voice. Unbelieveable but is true!

    For this IPhone 4 battle, I recommend Maxis for long run, especially when you are always on the move.

  2. So getting one for yourself?

  3. i’m kinda addicted with iphone 4 especially in digi version~

    i just wanna ask that the digi postpaid monthly is just only RM58? and izit paid for internet usage??

    • @eddy: You’re right. You will pay for RM58 only if you sign up for auto-billing feature or else you need to pay RM 63 per month. Internet usage is included in the package already and no extra charge for internet if you exceeding the monthly internet usage quota for DIGI iPhone 4.

  4. can you tell me that what’s the price of * iphone4 + CONTRACT * …

    and, izit a must that contract is needed??

  5. New from can get micro sim card in order to fit 2 your iphone 4..

    find out more

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