Nov 082010

Good news to all Digi iPhone 4 fans. If you are an existing iDigi customer, you will enjoy special RM 300 discount on the iPhone 4 when you buy it from the Digi Online Store. The deal is available from 1 November 2010 to 31 December 2010.

digi iphone 4 price without contract

iPhone 4 Price After Discount RM 300

iPhone 4 Model RRP Price after discount
iPhone 4 32GB RM 2,690 RM 2,390
iPhone 4 16GB RM 2,290 RM 1, 990

Comparison Price of Digi iPhone 4 and Maxis iPhone 4 Without Contract

Both Digi and Maxis offer iPhone 4 without contract for their customers. Please check out the below table to find out either Digi or Maxis provides the best deal to their customers.

iPhone 4 Provider iPhone 4 Model RRP Price
Digi iPhone 4 32GB RM 2,690 RM 2,390 (discount)
Maxis iPhone 4 32GB RM 2,690 RM 2,690 (no discount)
Digi iPhone 4 16GB RM 2,290 RM 1, 990 (discount)
Maxis iPhone 4 16GB RM 2,290 RM 2,290 (no discount)

From the comparison table above, you can clearly discover that Digi is the overall winner of the iPhone 4. Therefore, if you want to get the best discount iPhone 4 without contract, you may consider to get Digi iPhone 4.

Terms of Condition:

1) The iPhone 4 promotion is open to existing Digi customers who signed up for iDigi contract from 31st March 2010 until 23th September 2010 and still active when buying iPhone 4. iDigi contract means iDigi 88, iDigi 138 or iDigi 238. However, Enterprise corporate (SME & LSE) and iPhone add-on customers are not eligible to buy Digi iPhone 4 with promotion price.

2) Each customer is allowed to purchase 1 unit iPhone 4 only via Digi Online Store.

3) This purchase is not tied to any Digi plan. The micro SIM assigned to iPhone4 is not transferable to any third party.

You can expect to get the following items upon purchase Digi iPhone 4:

  • iPhone4 handset x 1 unit
  • USB cable x 1 unit
  • Compact power adapter x 1 unit
  • Stereo headset x 1 unit
  • Instruction booklet x 1 unit
  • iDigi privilege card x 1 unit
  • Micro SIM card x  1 unit


For existing iDigi customer, if you want to get the best iPhone 4 deal in Malaysia, you might consider Digi iPhone 4 in terms of Price. If you are new to iPhone 4 and do not want to sign up for long iPhone 4 contract, then you might consider Maxis iPhone 4 plan (12 months) because all Digi iPhone 4 plans are having minimum 24 months contract.

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