Nov 202009 has launched a TV Guide for Internet television which aims to index all of the movies, TV shows and arrange it by network, genre and show name. is created to provide a comprehensive Internet guide to TV movie lovers so they can find everything regarding videos on the web. has $8 million funds from Benchmark Capital and Redpoint Ventures. According to, it has an index of 300,000 episodes from over 5,200 shows on 1,200 networks. Besides this, there are 1,200 movies and 50,000 music videos available on

What is special about
The site allows users to watch more than ten thousands of videos on free and paid sites such as Hulu and Netflix. You can also set reminder or new episode alerts to remind yourself whenever there are new tv episodes available. Clicker is trying to combine elements of search engine, digital videos and a forum that allows people to recommend shows to one another.


Conclusion: is a really a good source of free TV videos, music videos on the web. One of the limitation now is many of the content providers in the US limits the access to US-based users only. Therefore, some of the Tv videos, music videos are not available to users outside of the US. However, I still recommending you to try and sit down to watch your favorite Tv movies or music videos.

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  1. i get my free music from torrent sites and also a couple of itunes site~”;

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