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Christmas season is all about Peace, Give and Love. Therefore, giving Christmas presents for family, friends and colleagues is a wonderful deed that should be practiced and maintained.

Lots of people plan to go traveling during Christmas holidays with family members to foster a better relationship. Sending a Christmas card or Christmas SMS is another good choice to show your concern to your friends or family members. Just pick up your hand-phone and send a short Christmas greetings to people that you care of so their heart will feel warm and this is the true spirit of Christmas.


I have compiled a list of Christmas Quotes regarding Merry Christmas Greetings for you to send to family members or friends in this Christmas season.

1)      Merry Christmas from our Family to yours. We hope that you find peace and love during this special time of the year. And may your family be blessed with all the joy that life can bring. Merry Christmas.

2)      Merry Christmas, Grandfather! May God bless you with many more Christmases to come. Have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

3)      With All My Love at Christmas, Dear Husband. I offer you my undying love and affection during this blessed time of year. Merry Christmas!

4)      Much Happiness at Christmas time. Hoping that your Christmas is glittering with good cheer and wishing you, with lots of warmth, much happiness throughout the year.

5)      With Love, Sister, at Christmas. This Christmas wish is sent with love – there’s just no doubt about it because a wish that’s for you, dear sister – would never be without it. Merry Christmas with love.

6)      With Lots of Love, Dear Aunt, a Christmas. When it comes to Christmas greetings for a special Aunt like you, they have got to be sincere and warm – no other kind will do. With love on Christmas and always!

7)      To our Grandson, with Love. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to a Grandson who is especially dear!

8)      Merry Christmas to a Dear Brother and His Family. It’s always nice to think about the family we love so much, and so this comes at Christmas because we want to keep in touch and tell you that you’re wished a day that’s happy as can be – and a year that brings the things you want especially.

9)      Christmas wishes to you. Hope you and your family enjoy the best Christmas ever!

10)   Merry Christmas, Grandmother. You’ve been so sweet, Grandmother, as the years have gone their way so it isn’t any wonder that you’ve loved so much today. And it isn’t any wonder that you’re wished each happy thing a truly perfect Christmas and a grand New Year could bring!

11)   With Love at Christmas, Dear Sister. As Christmas approaches, it’s natural to think of you, dear Sister – especially to wish you a world of love and joy, and all the best for the holidays! With love at Christmas!

12)   Merry Christmas to you, Grandson. Very proud of you Grandson cause there just couldn’t be a handsomer or smarter boy as anyone can see! Especially at Christmas time sure hope that you’ll be glad, and have more fun and laughter than you have ever had! Merry Christmas!

13)   For you, Dear Godmother. May the star that led the wise men to where the infant laid, shine in your heart and bring you a happy Christmas Day! Happy Holidays Godmother!

14)   To a wonderful uncle at Christmas. Hope that all your special times around the Christmas tree are bright and filled with love and just as happy as can be! Merry Christmas, dear Uncle.

15)   Merry Christmas, Great Grandpa. Love the way you talk and laugh, the stories that you tell – you’re the nicest of Great-Grandpa because you know us all so well! Merry Christmas.

16)   To a very special cousin. Here’s hoping that your Christmas season will bring joy to you, and here are extra wishes for a Happy new year too! Have a great holiday, dear Cousin.

17)   Merry Christmas with Love, Nana. Wishing you a fun-filled day with lots of things to share, for someone sweet as you deserve a day beyond compare! Merry Christmas, Nana.

18)   To someone special. The happy songs, the merriment and all the lovely sights are wonderful to think about on special Christmas nights. Someone as wonderful and really nice as you deserves the brightest joys for Christmas and the whole year through! All the best!

19)   Merry Christmas to a Special Brother. You’ve always been there for me as a Brother and a friend – I hope the season brings you a joy that never has to end! Merry Christmas!

20)   To a very special Brother. Because it’s Christmas, Brother, and because you’ve been so kind, a lot of happy thoughts of you are coming into mind. Each is one more reason why this wish is so sincere – have a perfect Christmas and a wonderful New Year! All the best!

21)   To a wonderful Mother. Mother, you’re so wonderful and have the dearest way of bringing Christmas happiness to those you love each day. That’s why it means so very much to make this wish for you for everything that’s beautiful and happy all year through. Merry Christmas!

22)   To my wonderful wife. I always find in loving you a world of joy and cheer, that makes it seem like Christmas time within my heart all year! I love you, Dear!

23)   Sweetheart, you are wonderful. Though words seem so inadequate, I hope in some small way, this shows how much I love you and how much you mean each day. In the year that’s coming I know one thing is true – that my heart will only grow for only loving you! Merry Christmas, Dear.

24)   To a very dear Daughter and her family. Every day is brighter and made so much happier too by the pleasant thought of each and every single one of you. The reason for this Christmas note is just to make it clear that you’re always wished the best during this special time of year!

25)   To a very dear wife. May all the lasting happiness that’s wished for you right here be just the kind of love that you’ll enjoy at Christmas, Dear. Though it’s hard to say in words how much you mean each day, may this message help to send the love that comes your way!

26)   Especially for you, Dear Wife. For the happiness we’ve had together, the nice things that you do, the quiet moments that we’ve shared and for making dreams come true…Darling, at Christmas time and always, please know that I love you!

27)   Especially for you, sweetheart. My love for you at Christmas brings a special feeling, Dear, as I pause to think how wonderful it’s been to have you near. My love for you at Christmas in a special one it’s true, sure to keep you in my heart throughout the New Year too!

28)   To a dear Son and His family. Hope this is an especially nice Christmas season for all of you – one that you’ll thoroughly enjoy and warmly remember! Merry Christmas!

29)   With Love, Sweetheart, at Christmas. Here’s a greeting filled with love especially for you, to wish you happiness and joy to last all season through. There’s a corner of my heart that you alone can fill, because I love you dearly and you know I always will! Merry Christmas, Sweetheart!

30)   Especially for You, Dear Mother. Wishing you at Christmas, Mother – a little more gladness to brighten your way, a little more cheer to fill every day, God’s peace in your heart the happy year through and His love and His blessings in all that you do! Merry Christmas, with love.

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