Jan 312011

Gmail Labs has lots of useful features which will enhance the functionality of Gmail and bring better Email experience for Gmail users. Today I would like to highlight about Undo Send Gmail labs feature for Gmail. Undo Send Gmail feature Most of the people are using Email to communicate with other people either personal or […]

Jan 292011

Sometimes, when we browse websites using different browsers such as Chrome, IE or Firefox browser; we noticed some of the website layouts were messy and not in arrange. In fact, there might be Javascript errors on the site that causing the incompatibility of browser. Sometimes, web developers and designers are not aware of incompatibility of […]

Jan 282011

Google Software Engineer, Manu Cornet just released a new Gmail lab called “Unread Message Icon”. The main purpose of Unread Message Icon lab feature is to find out how many unread email messages in Gmail. The numbers of unread email messages will display right into the Gmail icon itself as below: Firefox browser: Chrome browser: […]

Jan 252011

FrameToy is a free Online Photo Frames tool which provides more than 800 beautiful digital photo frames templates for you to decorate your photos. There are total 63 categories ready-made photo frames available for you to play with photos. Below I will guide you how to add Frame Toy photo frames in a few easy […]

Jan 242011

Google Chrome Browser is developed by Google to cater for the needs of users. Google Chrome has added fun features such as Google Chrome themes for free download. When you choose a Google Chrome theme, the theme will appear around the border of the browser and becomes the background of New Tab page. Google Chrome […]

Jan 202011

Gmail Labs is a portal for Google Mail apps which can enhance your Gmail experience and hence make Gmail more powerful than other Email providers. Now, the Gmail Labs has over 50 Gmail apps and it’s quite troublesome to find the labs features you want. Therefore, Gmail engineers have enhanced Gmail Labs by adding a […]

Jan 112011

Besides Google Search Engine, I spend quite a lot of time on Gmail to read emails, reply emails and of course writing emails to other friends. Sometimes, when I need to find some information from Internet, I have to switch from Email tab to Search Engine tab and occasionally I forgot what I want to […]

Jan 102011

Can you believe that Facebook – The World Largest Social Network Website will be shut down on 15 March, 2010. Personally I don’t believe this kind of rumour because it does not officially announce by Facebook representatives. However, according to Weekly World News, Mark Zuckerberg announced that Facebook will be shut down in March. Managing […]

Dec 212010

Google just announced that Free Calling in Gmail extended through 2011. This is a big Christmas gift for Gmail users in US and Canada as they have been enjoying the Free Gmail Calls since August this year. Why Google Extends Free Gmail Calls till 2011 It is understandable because Google always want to keep their […]

Dec 102010

According to 2010 Malaysia Google Zeitgeist report, the fastest rising queries in Malaysia for the year 2010 is Proton Inspira – Malaysian National Car Model. The interesting fact is that the Proton Inspira was officially launched on 14th October 2010 and within 2 months time; it beats Apple iPad and FIFA and remains as Malaysia […]

Dec 082010

This Christmas season, Google is giving its Christmas gift – Free $10 calling credits for military families to help them reach their loved ones serving abroad at Afghanistan, Iraq and other countries. Google is partnering with Blue Star Families and Sesame Street to support the service. Currently, Google Voice and calling in Gmail are available […]

Nov 262010

Are you still searching for the reliable and affordable web hosting? For you info, HostGator is one of the best web hosting companies that I have been experienced. I have been using a couple of different shared web hosting such as webhostingpad, HostMonster and BlueHost and the best web hosting company in my mind is […]

Nov 212010

Google Chrome team has created an interactive online book called “20 Things I Learned About Browsers and the Web” recently to guide anyone who want to know more about basics of web browsers and the web. I love the way how they explain about the browsers and web in a short but easy understand sentences. […]

Nov 202010

Avira Antivirus is one of the famous Antivirus software in the world and I never switch back to other Antivirus software since I use Avira antivirus to protect my home PC and laptop. Yesterday, I received an email from Avira staff who is based in Malaysia – Ms. Lim. She asked me whether I am interested […]

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