Aug 182011

The world second most popular web browser – Mozilla Firefox is releasing its latest Firefox 6 version to the public. Although the new version of Firefox does not deliver major new features but you should not skip the new updates because Firefox 6 has fixed some previous security bugs that affected stability of browser. Top […]

Aug 152011

Hooray! Google + Plus is now added with new Google Games feature – you can play 16 fun online games with people you know to fill your leisure time and enhance relationship with each other. Unlike Facebook games, Google Plus games give you full control on how to play them and with whom to share. […]

Aug 062011

Google Dictionary had been closed permanently and is no longer available anymore to the public. If you have been using Google Dictionary all this while, I know you’ll be missing this great Google service. The main reason Google discontinued Google Dictionary is to provide better dictionary experience to all users as Google Dictionary was integrated […]

Jul 082011

There are more than 11 million sites in domains de-indexed from Google search result page in the beginning of July, 2011. Therefore, a lot of webmasters and bloggers who are using domains complaint the sudden decision made by Google has killed their business because these domains will not receive any traffic from Google. […]

Jul 042011

Google is officially announced its new social networking site named “Google Plus” or “Google +” which exposed some great features especially users will have more control over what is shared, how it shared and whom to shared within the personal network. Let’s have a look at Google Plus project features: 1) Google Plus Circles Google […]

Jul 012011

I believe most of the email users have been receiving lots of spam emails including phishing emails every day. Phishing emails are fake spam messages that attempt to fool recipients in order to steal personal information such as username and password. The most common phishing emails being sent to me are fake bank emails that […]

May 242011

ImageChef is a free online Photo Editor where you can create sketchpad, poetry blender, word mosaic, photo frames, slideshows, tattoos, cards, jersey, animations and many more features. The great things about is all the features are free to use and you can directly share your customized images with other people via Email or social […]

Apr 232011

Using PhotoFunia to create a funny photo effect is pretty easy and fun. is offering more than 100 different FREE cool photo effects for you to choose. Photo Funia is using high-tech face recognition technology to automatically identify the face in photo. Therefore, just upload your photo and let PhotoFunia turns your photo into […]

Apr 172011

In the previously, Gmail themes were provided and released by Gmail team. There were more than 35 Gmail themes that you can choose from the Gmail settings –> Themes. However, we can only customize the theme colors but unable to customize Gmail inbox with our own background image. That would be great if all the […]

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