Jan 122016

Apple has always given us the best of the best and it’s the same with the new OS of the Apple Watch. With the unveiling of these new OS, new features also rolled out which undoubtedly makes the Apple Watch experience a lot more exciting. New features like Photo face, Photo Album face and TimeLapse face […]

Jun 232011

Mozilla Firefox is one of the earliest popular alternative browser to Internet Explorer and I have been using Firefox browser since it’s in version 2.0. Just in 3 months time after Firefox 4, the newest version Firefox 5 is released now and there are some great improvements and new features were added in terms of […]

May 092011

In this Internet era, everyone requires a faster broadband connection speed and affordable broadband packages. Before subscribing to any broadband plans, a smart user should know what they really need and understand the terms and conditions described behind the plan. This will help you to get the best value from the plan that you subscribed. […]

May 012011

I remembered in my previous Google Nexus S review posts, I didn’t mention about Nexus S video chat feature because Nexus S was not equipped with the 3G video calling functionality at that moment even with Android Gingerbread 2.3. Although you can use third party Android app such as Tango for video calling, but it […]

Apr 192011

Firstly, I would like to extend my hearty thanks to Maxis10 Reviewers Programme for awarding me the sexy and slim Google Nexus S Smartphone. My special thanks to AprilYim and FionaJitab for assisting me in every way. Congratulations to all other 9 Nexus S reviewers who had been discussing about Nexus S together on Twitter […]

Apr 082011

Time flies and today marks my last official day of reviewing Google Nexus S. Thanks to Maxis and the Maxis10 reviewers programme for giving me this golden opportunity. It’s truly a blessing to try out Nexus S and this experience was truly unbelievable and wonderful. I also would like to extend my sincere thanks to […]

Apr 072011

After reviewing and testing Google Nexus S for more than a week, I officially announce that I’m in love with Nexus S especially the Android Market. For your info, Android Market is developed by Google for Android devices and it allows you to browse and download apps from it. There were tons of applications, games […]

Apr 062011

One of the good things about Google Nexus S is that you can share your mobile data connection (3G/HSDPA) with up to 6 other WiFi devices. That also means every Nexus S owner is capable of turning your Nexus S device into a Portable WiFi Hotspot or wireless broadband modem! Isn’t it great when you […]

Apr 052011

The Google Nexus S comes with 5 Megapixels auto focus camera with LED flash. I must admit that Nexus S camera is performing beyond my expectation with its high quality still images and videos. Another good thing about Nexus S camera is it comes with front-facing VGA camera for video chat. That means I don’t […]

Apr 022011

You know how we always been told by others that mobile apps are not made for gaming. If you are into high quality graphical performances in a game app, the high consumption of processing power and memory will drag the whole operation system down. In result, you will be annoyed by lagging and delays that […]

Mar 302011

I am always contented with regular mobile phones. As an enthusiast blogger I work on my PC almost 24/7 and it never occurred to me that smartphones would do much good in my life. Seriously, my life has been revolving round a mobile phone (a non-techy but ordinary, plain mobile phone) and a desktop… until […]

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