Jul 012010

I feel sad after reading the latest suicide news about a popular young South Korean star Park Yong Ha, aged 32 decided to kill himself in his home in Seoul on 30 June 2010. His body was found with an electrical cord around his neck. This suicide news is not a fresh news for South […]

Apr 052010

H.Ed Robert was died on 1 April, 2010 at the age of 68 due to pneumonia. Henry Edward Roberts was called “Father of Computing” or “PC Pioneer ” by Bill Gates – Microsoft Founder. Many people may not knowing him if compares to Bill Gates but he was the inventor of Altair 8800 Computer in […]

Jan 292010

Zelda Robinstein was best known for her role as Tangina Barrons, the clairvoyant in “Poltergeist” film in 1982. She has died at the age of 76 after suffering a heart attack. I still remembered the first horror movie that made me scary was poltergaist and I remembered the 4ft 3in (1.29m) psychic came to the […]

Dec 212009

Before the end of year 2009, we have lost another popular actress – Brittany Murphy. She was 32 and really young to leave everyone who loves her. Brittany starred in several movies, including “Clueless”, “Just Married”, “Don’t Say a Word”, “Riding in Cars with Boys.”, “Uptown Girls” and “8 mile”. She also voicing a character […]

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