Jan 152017

The holidays are officially over. It’s time to sweat out the weight we gained with all the feasts from last year and the new year celebrations. Here’s a simpleworkout video below that you can add to your current workout routine.

Aug 292011

Hari Merdeka is not strange for Malaysians because it means the Independence Day for whole Malaysia’s nations regardless of races and religions. As usual, Malaysia’s 54th Independence Day will be celebrated on August 31 and 2011 Merdeka theme is “1 Malaysia, Transformasi Berjaya, Rakyat Sejahtera” in Malay language while translate in English is “1 Malaysia, […]

Mar 082011

In every season of American Idol, we would see all sorts of people with their real stories and how these ordinary people become famous singers in the singing competition. I would like to share one of the most touching and most inspirational real-life story from American Idol 2011. It’s the story about Chris Medina and […]

Aug 302010

Mother’s love is the biggest love in the world and thank you God for giving everyone a mother. Indeed, all mothers loved their own children very much and willing to sacrifice everything for their child. I hope everyone will respect your parents no matter how they look like. Before you hate your parent, please think […]

Jun 132010

Everyone living in this world must have his/her own living purpose so that the life has meaning. To live without life purpose, you will find this world hopeless because we witness so many unfortunate things happened around our living areas. If you find the life is boring and hopeless, try to look for encouraging news, Inspirational Quotes […]

Apr 132010

The Last Lecture, an inspirational book co-written by Professor Randy Pausch and Wall Street Journal reporter Jeffery Zaslow based on the Randy Pausch Lecture at the Carnegie Mellon University on September 18,2007. Although he was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer but he did not stop giving up and continuing delivering his last lecture, titled “Really Achieving […]

Apr 102010

A 24 year old Taiwanese man called Lin Yu Chun became famous on Taiwan’s Super Star Avenue talent show by singing Whitney Houston’s famous song “I Will Always Love You“. Lin Yu Chun became famous around the world overnight and people called him as “A New Susan Boyle”. He sang almost exactly like Whitney Houston […]

Dec 112009

I love to watch Susan Boyle sings since she first entered the Britain’s Got Talent show. Her singing talent show off to the whole world by singing the Elaine Paige’ big song “I Dreamed A Dream” and it reminds everyone in this world that don’t judge a book by its cover. She’s the singer who […]

Sep 022009

Everyday, people love to be motivated by inspiring quotes. Nice inspirational quotes can motivate a normal people to become great successful person. There are some famous inspirational quotes written by those well known people such as Albert Einstein. The quotes by Albert Einstein and other successful person will inspire everyone to achieve their dream. Make […]

Jul 312009

I love to collect famous life quotes and inspirational sayings by those successful people in the world. In our daily life, there are a lot of problems and obstacles which were hindrance to our success progress. Therefore, we need to be motivated by these motivational quotes to regain back our lost confidence and strength. Those […]

Jun 262009

I have a chance to read on those great saying by famous people such as Bill Gates, Thomas Edison, Abraham Lincoln, Einstein and etc… Therefore, I think it would be nice to share with all of you to motivate those who has met with failure or just encountered with unpleasant problem. By reading these inspiration […]

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