Jun 152016

We all do some random shit, but some of us get away with it, and some are embarrassingly caught. So today we compiled some of the most hilarious ways people get caught doing their shit. #10 I’m guessing this wasn’t the kind of surprise you were looking for #9 Nothing gets by the internet trolls these days #8 “Yeah, […]

Oct 132010

Google Instant is a new search technology provided by Google last September. Google instant will predict the search terms that user typed and showing the relevant results in a second. The real-time search results are useful to most internet users as it saves our time and effort to find search results. If you are still […]

Sep 162010

Yahoo Answers is a community-driven question and answer site which is the second largest Q&A website in the US after Ask.com. Yahoo Answers is a community website that allows users to post questions and the questions will be answered by real users too. Yahoo Answers is using member point system to encourage the participation. Therefore, […]

May 092010

I love listen to the funny jokes and a very funny joke usually will cause me laugh non-stop. Haha…I also love to watch funny videos especially Just For Laughs funy videos which makes fun of people using the hidden camera. I personally amazed with the directors and the actors of Just For Laugh as they […]

Jun 182009

Do you know what are the similarities and differences between Asian and Westerner? We can differentiate Asian and westerner by the ways of thinking, culture, time concept and others daily working tasks. I received an email from my friend and I found it interesting and would like to share with all of you. After reading […]

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