Mar 132011

Sometimes, we used to work in the office or home until very late at night. Can you imagine that you need to write and send emails to your clients or friends when you are not in a very sober situation? You might be typing the wrong words, using the improper grammars or impolite wordings without [...]

Mar 112011

Apad iRobot is running on Google Android 2.2 and one of the display settings of Apad is Screen Timeout. The main purpose of Screen Timeout is to save battery power on your Android device. However, I prefer to let it stay on for 2 minutes before timeout as I might need to perform other tasks [...]

Mar 072011

Last week, I had upgraded this blog to the latest WordPress 3.1 and the process was smooth without problem. However, I found out that my blog looked weird the next day as most of the blog layouts were all messed. All the ads banners were scattered around and the Adsense ads were gone as well. [...]

Mar 062011

There are many eligible taxpayers in Malaysia are having income tax questions such as how to register tax reference number, how to make tax payment and other related questions. Therefore, the customer service centre Inland Revenue Board of Malaysia had prepared a list of 5 most favourite questions from taxpayer. 1. How do I register [...]

Feb 022011

In the previous post, we have discussed about Gmail default keyboard shortcuts which are time-saver for Gmail users who does not want to use mouse but merely using keyboard. Although the default keyboard shortcuts are good and convenient to use, sometimes we prefer to use own customized Gmail keyboard shortcuts to perform certain tasks in [...]

Feb 012011

Gmail is my priority email and everyday I need to check Gmail to check new Email and reply to customer’s email as well. However, sometimes I forgot to bring my USB mouse and I find it difficult to read, compose or reply to my Gmail’s email. However, if you familiar with Gmail keyboard shortcuts, you [...]

Jan 312011

Gmail Labs has lots of useful features which will enhance the functionality of Gmail and bring better Email experience for Gmail users. Today I would like to highlight about Undo Send Gmail labs feature for Gmail. Undo Send Gmail feature Most of the people are using Email to communicate with other people either personal or [...]

Jan 282011

Google Software Engineer, Manu Cornet just released a new Gmail lab called “Unread Message Icon”. The main purpose of Unread Message Icon lab feature is to find out how many unread email messages in Gmail. The numbers of unread email messages will display right into the Gmail icon itself as below: Firefox browser: Chrome browser: [...]

Jan 242011

Google Chrome Browser is developed by Google to cater for the needs of users. Google Chrome has added fun features such as Google Chrome themes for free download. When you choose a Google Chrome theme, the theme will appear around the border of the browser and becomes the background of New Tab page. Google Chrome [...]

Jan 112011

Besides Google Search Engine, I spend quite a lot of time on Gmail to read emails, reply emails and of course writing emails to other friends. Sometimes, when I need to find some information from Internet, I have to switch from Email tab to Search Engine tab and occasionally I forgot what I want to [...]

Nov 142010

There are many free online website to create Avatars such as Simpson Avatar Generator and FaceYourManga. Today I would like to introduce a popular free online Avatar generator – Yahoo Avatars. What is Yahoo Avatars? Yahoo Avatars is one of the products of Yahoo to provide free service for you to create and personalize an [...]

Nov 032010

Year 2010 is coming to the end and we are going to welcome Year 2011. In preparing to welcome 2011 New Year, I would like to guide you how to create free printable 2011 monthly calendar using free service provided by is an online free image editor to create fun picture effects with [...]