Feb 152017

Are you having trouble sleeping at night or just wanna improve your sleep quality? Then read this article and find out how. 1. Jasmine The Wheeling Jesuit University conducted a study that has proven the efficacy of jasmine as a natural sleeping aid. Positive effects include the quality of sleep one gets, decreasing anxiety and […]

Jan 152017

The holidays are officially over. It’s time to sweat out the weight we gained with all the feasts from last year and the new year celebrations. Here’s a simpleworkout video below that you can add to your current workout routine.

Mar 012016

We all know this ointment in a blue little container. We’ve been using this for ages to help us breathe when colds and cough bother us. But what we don’t know is that there are other ingenious ways we can use this menthol scented ointment. 1. Get rid of nasty nail fungus If your nails […]

Sep 022010

A reader asked me where we can get free H1N1 Vaccine Jabs? Although WHO has issued an official statement on 10 Aug 2010 that the world is no longer in Phase 6 of the Influenza Pandemic alert, WHO continues to recommend vaccination against the H1N1 and the Ministry of Health Malaysia will ensure adequate supply […]

Jul 172010

[Updated 30/01/2012] 1Malaysia mobile clinics will provide free eye-screening services such as cataracts, glaucoma and other eye diseases to rural areas. There are currently four buses operating as 1Malaysia mobile clinics in remote areas which provides free basic outpatient medical care, ante-natal and post-natal care including immunisation, family planning, health screenings and follow-up treatment. After […]

Jun 302010

Blood donating is a good deed that saves people’s lives. Donating your blood not only saves other people’s lives but also make your more happier and healthier. Give blood to help lives is a gift of life and you would feel good about yourself when your know that your blood will save many people’s life. […]

Jun 222010

Green Tea is originates from China and has spread over the world from Asia to Western countries. The scientific reports revealed that drinking Green Tea can lower the risk of getting heart disease and plain Green Tea may reduce weight loss and obesity because the Green Tea extract rich in polyphenols and caffeine. There are […]

Mar 082010

Since 50 branches 1Malaysia Clinics operating nationwide and offer medical treatment for RM1 for common illnesses such as fever, flu, and cold. More than 100 thousands people have visited the Klinik 1 Malaysia in the country and obviously 1 Malaysia Clinic concept has received encouraging responses from all the people thus reducing the number of […]

Mar 072010

Previouly, I had posted a forwarded info: H1N1 advisory For H1N1 Patients to guide all Influenza patients how to prevent and treat the disease. However, we also cannot forget those doctors or nurses who taking care of those infected patients because they are in high danger risk too because of direct contact with these H1N1 patients. […]

Jan 262010

Working for whole day can easily gains Stress and Problem. Stress had taken your cheerful AWAY besides making you look older all the time. So, tell me How To Stay Young and Happy with all the stress and problem.   Here is something good to share with all. How To Stay Young and Happy 1. Throw Out Non-essential Numbers […]

Jan 152010

[Updated 03/10/2012] We’ve just updated the list of 1Malaysia Clinics. Recently, Malaysia Government has launched 50 1Malaysia Clinics to offer the cheapest medical services at only one ringgit or less than US$0.35. All these “Klinik 1 Malaysia” are set up in the urban areas to provide fast and cheap treatment for the poor citizen. The […]

Dec 172009

Last month, I received a forwarded email regarding H1N1 – Influenza brochure. The title of the brochure was “Advisory For Patients”. I read through the brochure and found out that it’s distributed by Ministry Of Health Singapore and Health Promotion Board. I think the information given were useful to everyone of us to prevent the […]

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