Aug 012016

Pokemon Go has taken the world by storm. Kids and kids-at-heart are all glued to their mobile phones trying to catch ‘em all! And with these mobile wallpapers, you can be constantly reminded of which pokemon is your next target. Now you’re ready to go and discover the world with Pokemon Go.  

Aug 152011

Hooray! Google + Plus is now added with new Google Games feature – you can play 16 fun online games with people you know to fill your leisure time and enhance relationship with each other. Unlike Facebook games, Google Plus games give you full control on how to play them and with whom to share. […]

Jun 062011

After restoring back online from the massive outage of Sony’s PlayStation Network which had been compromised by group of hackers that leaked out millions of user’s personal information, Sony has decided to compensate all its customers by providing free games, movie, themes and DLC for download on PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Portable devices. The compensation […]

Apr 022011

You know how we always been told by others that mobile apps are not made for gaming. If you are into high quality graphical performances in a game app, the high consumption of processing power and memory will drag the whole operation system down. In result, you will be annoyed by lagging and delays that […]

Sep 262010

Free iPhone games apps are good because it is free of charge and no payment. However, free iPhone apps have limited features that not able to satisfy advanced iPhone gamers. Therefore, some iPhone advanced gamers are seeking for good paid iPhone games to play. If you are wondering which paid iPhone Apps to be purchased, […]

Sep 252010

Now Digi iPhone Malaysia had announced their newest iPhone 4 price plans. While looking for the latest Digi iPhone 4 at Digi website, I came across the Top 10 FREE Apps recommended by Digi iPhone. Please refer to the below list of 10 Free iPhone Games Applications that might interesting and fun to play. Since […]

Jul 032010

Since the creation of personal computer and Internet, many people especially kids like to play online games. Now with the facebook games, everyone seems addicted to the online games again. Today I would like to introduce a free arcade games website where you can play variety categories of arcade games such as Action games, Adventure […]

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