Mar 282016

Today we will be sharing to you a cool trick on how you can open an iPhone without even putting its passcode. This can be a great way to prank a friend or someone you know. Watch the video below then we’ll tell you a shorter and much simpler way that will do the trick. […]

Jan 122016

Apple has always given us the best of the best and it’s the same with the new OS of the Apple Watch. With the unveiling of these new OS, new features also rolled out which undoubtedly makes the Apple Watch experience a lot more exciting. New features like Photo face, Photo Album face and TimeLapse face […]

Jan 082016

It’s clear that everything these days are upgrading. That includes the software of our gadgets. It is important that we update our gadgets in order to get the best out of them. Software updates usually fix several bugs and problems in the interface so it’s really recommended that we install them. However, some tech upgrades […]

Aug 102015

You started a blog and been working really hard to make it real great. After all the hardwork, you think you’re finally ready for the crowd’s attention. However, no matter how long you kept on posting, and waiting, and posting, there just seems to be no one coming into your blog. Fear not my friend, […]

Jul 272015

Smartphones have found their way into our everyday essentials. We rely on them for almost everything, such as alarm, notes, camera, music, texting, and internet surfing. So it is a real hassle when we don’t know how to make things easier when it comes to using our sometimes complicated phones – specifically the iPhone. Today […]

Aug 042011

According to Nielsen research report in June, Google’s Android platform still dominating top operating system on smartphones in the United States with 39 percent while Apple’s iOS is in second place with 28 percent. Therefore, Android based smartphones is the biggest competitors to Apple iOS-powered iPhone in the US. So, who’s the overall winner of […]

Jul 252011

The long awaited Blackberry Playbook device is available now in Malaysia and officially launched by Maxis on 16 July 2011 at KLCC. We will talk more about Playbook’s plans & pricing later but now let’s learn what are the specifications in Blackberry Playbook that attract people’s attention. BlackBerry Playbook Full Specifications: 7-inch LCD, 1024 x […]

Jul 212011

Apple just released its newest operating system – Mac OS X Lion (Mac OS 10.7) during 2011 conference call together with new MacBook Airs & Mac Mini. Apple fans can start download Mac OS Lion via Apple’s Itunes App Store at $29.99 and it marks the first time Apple released its whole OS installer at […]

May 042011

iPad 2 is officially available in Malaysia on April 29, 2011 and you have two ways to purchase iPad 2 with the same price. iPad 2 comes in two models which are iPad 2 with Wi-Fi and iPad 2 with Wi-Fi + 3G. All these models come in black or white with 16GB, 32GB and […]

Apr 282011

As we know, white iPhone 4 will be available in Singapore on 29 April, 2011 (Friday). Coincidentally, Apple iPad 2 will also hit Singapore and Malaysia on the same day. Japan had rolled out iPad 2 on Thursday and then expand to other countries includes Hong Kong, India, Israel, Macau, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, […]

Apr 282011

Great news to all white iPhone 4 fans in Singapore who has been eagerly waiting for arrival of mystery White iPhone 4. Apple Inc has confirmed that white iPhone 4 will be available on 29 April 2011 (Friday). Starting tomorrow, Singaporeans can purchase white iPhone 4 (16GB) model or 32GB model through Apple Online Store […]

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