Mar 062011

There are many eligible taxpayers in Malaysia are having income tax questions such as how to register tax reference number, how to make tax payment and other related questions. Therefore, the customer service centre Inland Revenue Board of Malaysia had prepared a list of 5 most favourite questions from taxpayer. 1. How do I register […]

Mar 032011

Each year, March and April are the months when Malaysian taxpayers need to submit and pay income tax to LHDN Malaysia or Inland Revenue Board of Malaysia. Now paying income tax is not a difficult task because it saves time and the calculations are easy and accurate than the manual one. Therefore, most taxpayers prefer […]

Nov 022010

In the recent Malaysia annual Budget 2011, the Government has postponed the implementation of GST (Goods and Services Tax) until the GST concept is well received by people in Malaysia. For your info, GST Malaysia was first mentioned in the Budget 2005 and had its first parliamentary reading in 2009. Before this, many people are […]

Oct 242010

Every year, all Malaysian citizens who are working and earned more than RM 2500 per month will need to pay income tax via E-Filling at the range of 1% – 26% based on the Income Tax Rates 2010. What Is Tax Relief? Tax Relief is some kind of tax deduction provided by government to reduce […]

Sep 012010

A lot of Malaysians are still not knowing how effective and how good is Goods and Service Tax Malaysia (GST) which will be implemented in 2011. There are lots of grey areas which only can be cleared after we see the result of GST system next year. However, I found some Questions and Answers of […]

Jul 262010

Good news to all Malaysian citizens who are self-employed and individuals without monthly income to have a savings fund for the purpose of retirement. Our Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak was announced 1Malaysia Retirement Savings Scheme in the 2010 Budget Session last year and the scheme is effective beginning 3 January 2010. Purpose […]

Jul 152010

According to Prime Minister Malaysia -Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak, GST or Goods and Services Tax will cost RM 222 million to ensure the effective implementation of GST system in Malaysia. The total cost would cover GST computerised system (RM139 million) and GST operational cost (RM83 million). After successfully implemented, Malaysia Government will also need […]

Jun 172010

SWIFT CODE is also known as BIC (Bank Identifier Code). SWIFT CODE is a unique standard codes to be used in transferring money to other country’s bank account. If you use Wire Transfer for money remittance, then you must use Bank SWIFT CODE so the money could transfer in easily. So, if you planning to […]

May 292010

Have you ever experienced this kind of emergency situation? For instance, if you lost your Credit Card or ATM card due to theft or stolen. How to contact Credit Card Bank to report for lost card and cancellation of transaction? Do you know the bank phone number or their branch phone number? It’s very frustrated […]

May 072010

SWIFT codes are designated to banks in countries around the world by SWIFT (Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication), to assist in electronic banking affairs. It’s the unique identification code of a particular bank. These codes are used when sending money between banks via wire transfers. Through the use of SWIFT codes, money could be […]

Apr 172009

How many people think that they had earned enough money for their retirement fund? With the bad economic downturn situation, I guess most people will discover that their money are not enough to cover household expenses. Due to the price of everything has gone up dramatically, people now are more conscientious about money. Therefore, you […]

Apr 032009

This year, I had decided to buy a second hand car which must meet my criterion measure. The foremost criteria is the car must be solid and product of well known automobile manufacturer such as Toyota, Honda, etc… The reason why I want it more solid is to ensure passengers safety if accident occur unexpectedly. […]

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