Nov 012015

Girls love flowers. There’s no denying and stopping that. These beautiful blooms have always been used to either woo a girl or to apologize to her. They’re so perfect for any occasion that a man can just settle with a bouquet as a gift for any girl in his life and she will surely love […]

Aug 172011

Google had announced its biggest acquisition announcement to purchase phone handset maker Motorola Mobility for $12.5 billion.  The Google-Motorola deal is going to upset Apple Inc especially iPhone because Google will be able to manufacture its own Android phones and compete with other phone makers. Google CEO, Larry Page said that the acquisition of Motorola […]

Jul 102011

Since I got a Nokia 3310 phone in 2001, I’ve been a loyal Digi Prepaid user until today which means I’m already 10 years with DiGi prepaid. I love the features provided by DiGi such as Prepaid Talktime Transfer and Reload Bonus and even my brother and sister are using DiGi Prepaid Campus because it’s […]

May 092011

In this Internet era, everyone requires a faster broadband connection speed and affordable broadband packages. Before subscribing to any broadband plans, a smart user should know what they really need and understand the terms and conditions described behind the plan. This will help you to get the best value from the plan that you subscribed. […]

Mar 152011

Yahoo Clues is a tool almost similar like Google Insights For Search. Yahoo Clues is analyzing how people are using Yahoo Search Engine. The biggest differences between Yahoo Clues and Google Insights for Search are demographic information and related details provided by Yahoo Clues. Demographic section provides information regarding age, gender or both views for […]

Feb 202011

[Update 6 July 2012: Kindly refer to the last screenshot to view the latest comparison between DG Smart Plan – 68 with other telcos plans.] Do you own a Smartphone such as Blackberry, HTC, Nokia or Samsung Galaxy? You might be still searching for the best smartphone deals on the market or you have already […]

Jan 272011

This is definitely good news for all Malaysian Google users. Google Malaysia office has just opened at the Petronas Twin Towers, Kuala Lumpur recently and it shows that Google is concerning about Malaysians internet users and willing to expand the business in Malaysia. In the future, we can anticipate that Google Malaysia will have more […]

Nov 262010

Are you still searching for the reliable and affordable web hosting? For you info, HostGator is one of the best web hosting companies that I have been experienced. I have been using a couple of different shared web hosting such as webhostingpad, HostMonster and BlueHost and the best web hosting company in my mind is […]

Nov 022010

In the recent Malaysia annual Budget 2011, the Government has postponed the implementation of GST (Goods and Services Tax) until the GST concept is well received by people in Malaysia. For your info, GST Malaysia was first mentioned in the Budget 2005 and had its first parliamentary reading in 2009. Before this, many people are […]

Oct 232010

Do you know that a good domain name can sell for million dollars? Recently, was sold for $13 million cash in 2010. Escom was its previous domain owner which reportedly bought the Sex.Com for $14 million in 2006. Although Sex.Com is not the most expensive domain name ever sold in the history but it […]

Sep 232010

According to Forbes Asia (June edition 2010), Malaysia’s 40 richest people have a total fortune worth around $51 billion, up from $36 billion a year ago. Do you know who the top 10 Malaysia richest people are and what are their main businesses? I have compiled a table for Malaysia Top 10 richest people for […]

Sep 092010

Google has one of the best offices in the world where many people are trying to work at their Offices around the world. No matter where are you located in the world, I’m sure you will find the best office environment in Google office. Below are complete list of Google offices locations around the world […]

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