Apr 042009

Have you seen Real Cactus Blossom? Most people had heard about it from the newspaper or news that Cactus actually can blossom but it’s rare to be able seen it by myself.

The cactus plant actually planted by my brother in a small vase not long ago and recently we saw some strange stem came out from its body. My dad said that it’s false blossom but we believe that it’s a cactus blossom. Today, the miracle is happening that the cactus came into blossom. Everyone is so happy and feel that it’s a gift from GOD. Thank You God for the great nature present to us.

Even though there’s only one flower but I feel that it’s special flower among the plants. Do you have the same experiences about Cactus Blossom? Please share your experience to me if you also have the same experiences.

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