Apr 262009

Everyday, people especially online business marketers are searching for good domain names to suit their business needs. However, they found that in order to register domain which still available is difficult as they do not have a useful tool that can perform domain name check, domain hosting and domain registration together.

BustAName.Com is a free domain name search tool that will let you quickly find available domain names based on the combination words you entered. Just enter the relevant keywords that you prefer and BustAName will perform domain name search and bring to you a list of available domain names. You can choose to generate available domains using 2 or 3 word combination.



What’s Special About BustAName.Com?

  1. Easy to find domain name and domain buy process can be performed through BustAName.Com
  2. Option to check whois (who owns the domain name)
  3. Choose to generate 2 words or 3 words domain names combination based on keywords you enter.
  4. Auto-generate keyword synonyms which can be added to extend keyword pool.
  5. Totally free and no registration required.
WHOIS Generated By BustAName (Money4Invest.Com)

WHOIS Generated By BustAName (Money4Invest.Com)

* As mentioned on the website, BustAName has a special deal with Godaddy which can definitely save you a few dollars if you buy the domain from their site. The domains are $6.95/year, however at Godaddy itself will cost you $9.99.


I had found some great domain names + register domain through BustAname.Com, it saved my money and time. Now, I don’t feel any difficulties to find domain name again because of BustAname.Com

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  1. @domain name sales: You’re right, by providing quality contents; readers are willing to come back to your website again and you will get lots of back links when other websites mentioned about your site. :)

  2. i always buy domain names at Godaddy or Moniker because they are the most reliable registrars;~”

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