Jan 292011

Sometimes, when we browse websites using different browsers such as Chrome, IE or Firefox browser; we noticed some of the website layouts were messy and not in arrange. In fact, there might be Javascript errors on the site that causing the incompatibility of browser.

Sometimes, web developers and designers are not aware of incompatibility of cross-browser problem because they do not have suitable tool to define the scripting errors. Therefore, Browsera provides the best web service to analyze your websites across different browsers and discover the incompatibility layouts and JavaScript errors. Browsera is able to analyze your websites in most of the famous browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari.

How to use Browsera to test Different Browser Compatibility

Browsera comes with a Free Plan which allows free users to test up to 25 pages. Free Browsera plan provides problem detection, site crawling and JavaScript errors. If you want to get more advance features such as testing all browsers, priority processing, test private pages and high resolution screenshots, check out their plans and pricing

Step 1: Sign up as Free User by clicking the SIGN UP button

browsera plans and pricing

Step 2: Fill up the web form and click Create account button.

browsera signup for free

Step 3: You will see the notification that your account has been created at the domain. Enter your email address and password to login to the newly created Browsera account.

login to browsera account

Step 4: Now it’s time to test the website, enter the website name and website urls in the column given. Free users can only select to test browser compatibility in Firefox 2, 3 and Internet Explorer 6, 7.

browsera cross browser test

Step 5: Click Run Test button and you will see test status progress as below.

browsera test status on money4invest

Step 6: Alright, the test result is out and you can see all the JavaScript errors and layout differences in the report.

browsera cross browser test result


I believe the Browsera report is useful for creating a better compatibility website cross all browsers. If you are website owner, you can test out the website and pass the Browsera report to your website designers for further amendment.

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  1. Great software! I found the importance of browser compatibility when I had to access several sites at work. It’s such a hassle when you get to open one site with a particular browser, but not with another which you usually use. It’s better to know a site’s browser compatibility first before starting anything.

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