Aug 202010

Most people know that we can book Firefly air tickets and pay online via credit card or debit card. Do you know that you can book Firefly air tickets and pay cash to Pos Malaysia?

buy firefly ticket pay at pos malaysia

This is new to me because I never heard or pay any air tickets at Pos Malaysia office. The payment is exclusive for passengers who made the bookings via Firefly Call Centre. Just call +603 7845 4543 (Firefly Call centre) and book your air tickets between 8am to 9pm daily. In the phone conversation, you need to mention to operator that you are going to make payment at Pos Malaysia.

Firefly Call Centre will reserve your bookings for 2 days (48 hours) and provide you a booking reference number to be filled in Pos Akuan 39 form in Pos Office. Simply complete the form with the following information:

–          Booking reference

–          Passenger’s names

–          Mobile number or contact number

–          Total amount of payment

Now you bring the form and pay at Pos Malaysia branches counter. There will be a service charge of Rm2.50 per transaction to Pos Malaysia. The air booking must be made at least 5 days before the travel date. This Pos Malaysia payment method is only applicable for non-promotional fares. Once you have make the payment, Firefly will send you the booking confirmation via email the next day.


I believe this method will help those passengers who do not have credit card or internet connection to book Fireflyz air ticket via their Call Centre and pay the ticket fares at their nearest post office.

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