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Blood donating is a good deed that saves people’s lives. Donating your blood not only saves other people’s lives but also make your more happier and healthier. Give blood to help lives is a gift of life and you would feel good about yourself when your know that your blood will save many people’s life.
Blood Donation
Why Donate Blood?

I know you will ask this question. The main motive of blood donation is to save other people’s lives who is in danger because of accidents or unfortune incidents happened. Although you are not doctor but your blood can save people’s life, pretty amazing huh!

The second reason why you should donate blood is to reduce excess iron in our body. Blood donation could help stimulate the bone marrow to produce new blood cells to replace old blood cells in the body. When you give blood, you remove old red blood cells which are less efficient to carry oxygen and produce the new red blood cells which usually makes blood donor feel refresh and energetic.

Can I Donate Blood | Blood Donations Requirements

Many people are wondering whether who can donate blood and are there any specific blood donation requirements that they should practice or follow. Below are some standard blood donation requirements that you should meet in order to become a blood donor.

Are You Eligible To Donate Blood?

– You are not sick and healthy on the day you wish to donate blood
– you are 18-65 years old.
– your weight is above 45KG
– slept more than 5 hours the day before donating blood.
– Have eaten something in the past 4 hours before the blood donation.
– At least 3 months after your last blood donation.
– Do not have any medical problems and not on any medications.
– You are not pregnant or breastfeeding (for women)
– Do not take part in high-risk behaviors (multiple sexual partners)
– Do not have tattoos, ear/body piercing or acupuncture within 12 months

If you are an active blood donors (every 3 months), I must salute your good deed for being unselfish and caring about other people’s life. If you happened to be the one who does not meet the requirement to donate blood, you can help blood donation campaign by telling your friends or SMS to inform them whenever there is any blood donation events. To learn more about blood donation, please visit Pusat Darah Negara website.

  4 Responses to “Blood Donation Requirements | Gift of Life”

  1. I stop for 2 years. It’s time to continue again. :)

  2. @Jayce: I also stop for quite sometimes. Yes, It’s time to save the life again. :)

  3. Thx for sharing. This is very good^^

  4. @Careen: You’re welcome and hope you will join to donate blood too.

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