Sep 052010

Happy 2nd birthday to Google Chrome Browser and you will notice the latest Google Chrome 6.0 is available now as special birthday gift to all Chrome’s fans.  Just go to and you will see the link to download the latest version of Chrome under the search Google Search button. It has some improvement features where Google Chrome’s team had fixed total of 15 security problems. Just click here to download the latest Google Chrome Beta browser.

latest google chrome

If you look at the Global Browser Market Share report, you will notice that the most used Internet browser is Microsoft Internet Explorer (All versions) which took 60.4% of total browser market share. In the second place is Mozilla Firefox which grabs around 23% of market share and coming in the third place is Google Chrome with 7.52% market share. These top 3 browsers eat up more than 90% of world browser market share.

browsers market share

We know that Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 is the latest version IE browser which will support HTML5 video, faster JavaScript, support for CSS 3 selectors and other enhance features. According to Windows Internet Explorer Testing Center report , it shows that Internet Explorer 9 is a great internet browser which overtakes other browsers including Internet Browser 8 in terms of supporting HTML5, SVG, CSS3, DOM and JavaScript. You may refer to the below Cross-browser test results summary. (Click the image to view bigger screenshot)

microsoft internet explore 9 test results summary

Who’s the Best Internet Browser?

Well, by looking at the total browser share market, Internet Browser (IE) is the King of all Browsers and the runner up (Firefox) still left behind almost 40% than IE market share in the world. Google Chrome browser is a new comer in internet browser world and already achieved a good result. Although the latest IE 9 has many great features, it only supports Windows Vista SP2 and Windows 7 operating systems. Sorry to the Windows XP users because IE 9 will not support XP. The beta version of Internet Explorer 9 will be launched on September 15, 2010. I believe other browsers like Chrome 6 and Firefox 4 ( coming soon) will work hard to give the best performance result against IE 9.


I’m still skeptical about Internet Explorer Browser (May be I have too many problems with IE 6 before) that it will be the Best Internet Browser. I’m still preferred to use Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome as of now.  I hope I can see better performance with IE 9 to clear out my doubt soon. So, which is the best Internet browser in your mind?

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