Aug 192010

It is hard to define which the best browser in the browser market is because different users have different needs and demand. However, the more important factors to determine the best browser are speed, security, stability and ease of use.

I have installed three most popular browsers which are Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Internet Explorer on my PC. In fact, I used Firefox browser (default) to browse website daily and I have really good experience with Firefox browser over the Internet Explorer 6, 7, 8.

Here I would like to write about my personal experiences dealing with Firefox browser, Google Chrome browser and Internet Explorer. Each of them do have their own strength and weaknesses and I will tell what I experienced for your reference to decide which browser should be used by you.

Mozilla Firefox Browser Experience

mozilla firefox

I have been using Firefox browser since 2007 and still using it till now. I love Firefox browser because I can install lots of useful firefox plugins to enhance my working experience. For example, I installed a Youtube downloader plugin on Firefox and when I decide to download the Youtube videos; I just press the download button on Youtube website and it starts download the whole Youtube video.

For me, Firefox is a stable browser than Internet Explorer because Internet Explorer often crash down without warnings. All your opened websites will be closed and not able to resume back. However, Firefox still able to resume back all my websites after it crashes down.

Google Chrome Browser

google chrome

Now I’m totally fall in love with Chrome browser because of its speed and virtual boxes showcase your recently opened website on its first page. I switch to use Chrome recently because one of the website applications that I often use could not be opened properly by Firefox and Internet Explorer. It was not able to show the button underneath the website.

However, only Google Chrome browser is able to open that website properly. In fact, I also found that Google Chrome’s speed is faster than Internet Explorer and Firefox browser. I’m quite amazed with the Chrome’s speed and functionalities.

Internet Explorer Browser

internet explorer9Internet Explorer browser or IE is the famous browser which conquer the browser market share at around 60%. Although most of the personal users will not use IE as their default browser to browse website but IE is a default pre-installed browser on user’s PC or laptop. In addition, big company and enterprise customers still prefer to use IE as their default browser instead of Firefox or Chrome.

I do not like to use Internet Explorer browser because I encountered lots of website compatibility problem while using IE to browse websites. For example, some of the websites look weird in IE environment but working fine in both Firefox and Chrome browsers.

In addition, facebook FanPage developer also find it’s not an easy task to setup Fan page using Internet Explorer because it only supports external CSS sheet. If you do not use external CSS sheet to build Facebook Fan Page, your Fan Page will become a mess (button, wording). However, if you are using Firefox or Chrome browsers, no such thing happens.


I hope the latest Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 will give users better experiences and compatibilities to most of the websites. Firefox has the almost similar speed close to Chrome browser and the largest selection of extensions available.  Chrome has the fastest speed to open the websites and I believe with the Chrome advertisement on Google homepage, more people might be trying Chrome browser and sticking with it if it’s good.

So, which browser is the best in your opinion? Kindly share your thoughts.

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