Apr 192010

Lisa Hose is the winner of 2010 The Biggest Loser of Australia. She lost 56.2kg or loss of 46.10% from her starting weight of 121.9kg. This great success also made her the first ever female winner in Australian The Biggest Loser, beating other male contestants such as Joe Medway who lost 82.7kg (45.97%), Shannon Bourke who lost 89.6kg (41.81%). Although they lost more weight than Lisa, but Lisa managed to become the winner of The Biggest Looser to lose the highest percentage of weight over the other contestants in Australian Biggest Loser show.

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Lisa Hose - Winner Of The Biggest Loser Australia

No doubt, Lisa Hose is the biggest weight loss winner of The Biggest Loser 2010 who took home $370,000. You must be curious why Lisa got more money than last year’s Biggest Loser’s champion, Bob Herdsman. The reason is because Lisa was wearing a money bracelet which doubled her original prize money of $185,000 to $370,000. For your info, The Biggestloser who lost most weight was Shannon Bourke who managed to lose 89.6kg which made him the largest weight loss by any contestant of The Biggest Loser show.

Before and After pictures of Lisa Hose In Australia Biggest Loser Show:


Lisa Hose Before The Biggest Loser


Lisa Hose After The Biggest Loser

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  3 Responses to “Australia The Biggest Loser – Lisa Hose | 2010 Biggest Loser”

  1. She managed to deal with that weight. The only thing that can help obese people to get lean is discipline. The Biggest Loser is an inspiration to those who want to get slim. Congratulations to Lisa.

  2. It’s a tough job to lose those weight off. She is so motivated and I’m sure she will be a great inspiration.

  3. That is a remarkable change. I can’t believe its really possible to lose some weight if you are just disciplined and motivated.

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