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A lot of my friends are talking about the difficulty on how to contact AirAsia call centre because of expensive charges and always in Hotline mode. Actually, we can reach AirAsia through other channels such as:

1)      AirAsia Live chat – you can chat with real AirAsia agent to ask flight questions after login as AirAsia member.

2)      Send a feedback message through AirAsia feedback form.

3)      Tweet at AirAsia Twitter account for a quick reply on simple enquiries.

Ask AirAsia page is now live to help you to find quick answers regarding flight bookings, luggage, immigration issues and all questions regarding AirAsia. It works like AirAsia Faq but in a better and fast response. Just type your question in the column provided and click Search button. The related answer links will appear within a few seconds.

ask airasia menu

The page design of Ask AirAsia is attractive because you will see AirAsia CEO, Tony Fernandes smiles at you and say “Hi, I’m Tony. How can I help you today?” I think it is brilliant idea because passengers will feel more comfortable and friendly while searching for answers as though Tony is answering their questions.

ask air asia search results answer how do i pay for flights

I had tried to test the Ask AirAsia webpage and the response is quick and I’m quite satisfied with the answers provided. There are lots of AirAsia Faq are included in the ask AirAsia webpage and I think many AirAsia passengers will save their time and cost in searching the answers without calling AirAsia call centre.

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  20 Responses to “Ask AirAsia | Get Quick Answers from Tony Fernandes”

  1. 2 questions:

    1. Is LCC terminal and KL International Airport the same location? If not, how is it connected?

    2. I have bought skybus ticket from AirAsia, will this take me to Novotel KLCC? If not, pls adv if skybus is the right mode of transportation?

    • @helen: Thank you for visiting this website.
      For question 1, LCCT and KLIA are sharing the same Airport but different terminal. Both of them are separated and having their own buildings. KLIA is Terminal 1 and LCCT is Terminal 2. To make it clear, you cannot walk directly to pass from LCCT to KLIA, therefore, when you use a taxi, make sure you tell the driver to go KLIA or LCCT terminal because if you are wrong, you are gonna to pay extra taxi fares and waste time to go there. (It’s about 20KM apart)
      The Skybus will take you to KL Sentral and from the KL Sentral, you have the options of taking a Putra LRT train or a KL Monorail train to get to the Novotel hotel (Jalan Kia Peng)

  2. I have forgotten my password. I tried to submit but unsuccessful.
    Ben trying to sign in under palaraj@hotmail.com. Also unsuccessful because unable ti fill up “STATE”. Please advise. Thanks

  3. Can you please explain to me why if I book a return flight Melbourne to KL the KL-Melbourne leg is A$391, wheras if I book a one way flight KL-Melbourne it is much cheaper at US$290?

    • @Sue: In my opinion, most of the AirAsia promotion were focus on one-way flight instead of return flight. Therefore, the fare is far cheaper. Therefore, you might try to book one-way ticket from KL to Melbourne and another one way ticket from Melbourne to KL. I believe it will be cheaper.:)

  4. My ref is X3YZ7Y. I have written in fir waiver of penalty charges due to medical reasons and never get an answer.

    • @Luci set: I guess the best way to contact AirAsia now is through Premium Customer Service Line at 600 85 9999. However, the charge is quite expensive: RM 1.95 per minute. Otherwise, you may go to AirAsia Travel & Service Centre to seek for assistance. Click here to find the nearby AirAsia Travel Service Centre location.

  5. 1,My mother in law and my son have booked the air ticket flight from
    K.L to Osaka on 12-05-2011 and returned on 28-05-2011 booking no,
    QF31GE .Unfortunately they type wrongly destination name Osaka instead
    of Tokyo .
    2,How do change to the right destination to Tokyo ?
    3,Any extra charges to them ?
    Please asist and thank you very much !

  6. @A.F.Tham: I’m sorry and not sure about this. It’s good that you can call their call-center helpline to solve the problem. Below are the phone numbers:

    Malaysia 600 85 9999 (Premium Customer Service Line)
    Operating Hours: 7am – 7pm
    Available from Malaysian telco – Telekom, Celcom, Maxis & DiGi
    Charge: RM 1.95 per minute

    Please click here to get more contact info of Airasia.

  7. How do i obtain booking/reference number?

    • @Halza: If you’re an AirAsia member, just login to the AirAsia account to manage your bookings. Another way is to check your Email as AirAsia normally will send the booking/reference number to Email provided by you during flight booking. If both ways cannot retrieve your reference number, then you have to call 600 85 9999 (Premium Customer Service Line), Operating Hours: 7am – 7pm, Available from Malaysian telco – Telekom, Celcom, Maxis & DiGi, Charge: RM 1.95 per minute.

  8. How can I get my refund from the AirAsia X flights while I’ve contacted AirAsia for not less than 10 times within 2 months but never get any reply??!

  9. Hi sir I have booked my niece ticket yesterday Clark to Macau her name is Quennie Lou Dacayanan and my email add is romerominz@yahoo.com but until now I haven’t recieve the confirmation on her ticket. And there is also one mistake I forgot to indicate her passport no. Sir, can you pls help me thank you.

  10. I have been waiting for the response from your technical team, since November 28th and twice Live chat with the customer service yet I am still haven’t receive any response from them.
    My problem are, I have made 3 purchases for March 2013, schedule to depart on March 5th 2013 to Hong Kong.
    The first purchased I am the traveler and the 2nd purchase are for my friends after they saw the promotion price when I while I made the purchase. They were with me when I made the first purchase, so the date I made was definitely correct.
    The second purchase i doing it alone after my friends gave me their name and IC number, for the same flight and same date, which is supposed to be on March 5th departing from Kuala Lumpur to Hong Kong. We didn’t purchase the return ticket as we intended to return from Guangzhou, in which I did made the purchase returning from Guangzhou to Kuala Lumpur on March 15th.
    Unfortunately the tickets issued to me for departing from Kuala Lumpur to Hong Kong are on the February 5th, both purchases, the 1st and 2nd purchases for me and my friend.
    If the second purchases issued to me is on February 5th, I may admit maybe I have overlooked but the first purchase were being watch by my 2 friends, so the date definitely clicked on March 5th.
    The return ticket from Guangzhou to Kuala Lumpur is correct which issued for March 15th.
    So I do hope your side can help me to settle this problem as soon as possible.
    The case number is CAS-2913952-2XWWS8.
    Thank you.

  11. I claim for my lost luggage and already submitted Discharge Voucher Release and Indemnity under Air Asia Booking Number E9UQTG and Air Asia promised to pay me USD 320, but till now the money never come, is it true that Air Asia will compensate me properly?

  12. Halo moderator, untuk bahan investigasi, saya tambahkan info Report ID nya adalah BAHSIN12A01205 tertanggal 15 Nov 2012. Mudah mudahan, ada response positip dgn melaporkan ke web address ini, karena melalui channel Air Asia yg lain sudah mentok ngga ada response.

  13. Hallo moderator, please note that the case BAHSIN12A01205 already closed with thank! Compensation promised received!

  14. Hello
    I need to help with air ticket

  15. I already went to live chat and speak with Mr.Firdaus , he gave me the booking no BGQ3WX on 06/09/14 AK 27 – KL to Thiruch(India) on 21/12/14 . , he said payment not done. Then i try to call my credit card bank they check for me said that my charges already approved by them approved no -004408 but air flight side still pending . then i call customer service they ask me to submit to e-form page , i already submit .pls check for me and send me the ticket to my email add sumathi@swing-water.com.my – 0123171510. thanks a lot for ur help .

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