Aug 082011

In July 2011, we knew that Apple pursues patent violations against HTC over iPhone patents and recently HTC has fought back by taking Apple to UK court.  The patent war between Apple and HTC actually related to Google Android Operating System as Android owns the largest market share in USA and Google Senior Vice President, David Drummond believes that the act of Apple and Microsoft to buy a large number of patents are purposely to kill Android.

mobile device patents percentage

According to MDB Capital Group source above, we can see that Google is sitting at the bottom of mobile device patents with only 317 registered patent applications compared to RIM – Blackberry Manufacturer has a 3134 mobile device patents. Nokia owns 2655 patents and Microsoft has 2594 patent applications.

Apple and Microsoft Envy of Google Android’s success?

apple microsoft vs htc android

Well, I don’t dare to say that because both of them are tech giants and already gained huge success in their own field with famous products such as iPhone and Windows operating system. However, Google Android operating system was just born in 2007 and swept the market of Smartphone swiftly especially through its Taiwan vendor – HTC. HTC owns 14 percent of Android smartphone market in United States according to Nielsen report in June 2011.

My Opinion:

In my opinion, Google has large cash in hand about $39.1 billion and should act more aggressively to purchase these technology patents to stop the battle of patents and compete with other companies. Furthermore, these tech companies should solve the patents infringement issues as soon as possible because it’s not a healthy competition in the long run and they should focus on inventing new technology to enhance current mobile devices. What say you?

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  1. Apple has the right to sue and I think HTC has to clear all ambiguities.

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