Jul 212011

Apple just released its newest operating system – Mac OS X Lion (Mac OS 10.7) during 2011 conference call together with new MacBook Airs & Mac Mini. Apple fans can start download Mac OS Lion via Apple’s Itunes App Store at $29.99 and it marks the first time Apple released its whole OS installer at Mac App Store.

apple mac os x lion

Apple Mac OS X lion is the world’s most advanced desktop operating system which includes over 250 new features includes multi-touch gestures, full-screen apps, Launchpad and newly designed mail. Let me introduce you some great features that might enhance your Mac experience.

1)      Multi-touch Gestures – more fluid and realistic gesture responses, including rubber-band scrolling, page and image zoom, and full-screen swiping.

2)      Launchpad – give you instant access to all the apps on your Mac.

3)      Resume – bring back your apps automatically when you restart Mac or re-launch an app.

4)      Auto Save – automatically and continuously saves documents when you are working.

5)      AirDrop – find nearby Macs and will set up wireless connection automatically without Wi-Fi network required.

If you owned a Mac OS X 10.6.6 Snow Leopard or later, you can download upgraded Mac OS Lion at around 4GB which supports various languages (English, Arabic, Chinese, Czech, German, French, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Turkish, etc…)

Apple also announced a new MacBook Air (11 inch & 13 inch) equipped with newest core i5 and i7 dual-core processors. Kindly visit Apple Mac OS X Lion website if you want to know more details about 250 new features.

Let’s watch Apple Mac OS X Lion introduction video to get a closer look at newest features of OS X Lion.

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  1. I did not have any Apple product previously. But when I started to use iPhone, I fall in love with it. iPad too. Maybe I should try Mac soon. MacBook Air maybe…? :P

  2. And as it is said in this article: http://theweek.com/article/index/217430/apples-mac-os-x-lion-worth-the-upgrade
    It is worth upgrading, if you have an old version.

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