Mar 302010

iPad – A tablet-style device created by Apple will be released in market on 3 April, 2010 (Saturday). Apple CEO Steve Jobs has been mentioned that the iPad connects with their apps and content in a far more intimate and fun way than ever before. iPad is targeted for consumers instead of business users. Look at Apple – iPad tag-line “See the web, e-mail, and photos like never before”. Obviously, iPad is more focusing on content delivery, entertainment and gaming.

Apple’s iPad is user-friendly touchscreen and can be held in your hands. You can just use your finger to browse through website, write an email, watch a movie, listen to music, flick through photos and read electronic books using iBooks ebook reader. People who pre-ordered iPad devices earliar on should receive their new iPad on Saturday. From what I observed from Online Apple Store, new iPad model featuring Wi-Fi orders now would not be shipped until April 12 while iPad that offers both Wi-Fi + 3G will only be shipped till late April. That means the demands for iPads are huge and surpass Apple expectations.

How To Order Apple iPad and What is iPad Price?

I know most of the people cannot wait to get their hands on new iPads this Saturday. Just go to Online Apple Store to pre-order the iPad, the cheapest iPad model will be iPad Wifi (16GB) which costs you $499. If you prefer to use both Wifi and 3G, the 16GB iPad device will cost you from $629 to $829 (64GB), each customer can only pre-order not more than 2 units iPad.

Apple iPad Guided Tours
You must be curious why so many people pre-ordered iPad which caused the first batch of iPads sold out recently and if you still doubting about the fuctionality of Appel iPad, you need to have a look on newly released Apple iPad Guided Tours. From the iPad Guided Tours, you will notice 11 of the new applications installed in iPad device which differentiate itself with Apple iPhone and iPod.

I can foresee on iPad release date – 3 April, 2010,most of the  iPad owners will share their joy and experience after using the new iPad. So, will you buy the iPad?

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  1. m’sia apple store also start selling this on 3rd april?

    .-=´s last blog ..A Similarity between Dr Chua Soi Lek, Jack Neo and Gillian Chung =-.

  2. @IyouweBlog: Unfortunately, iPad will be available in Wi-Fi models on April 3 in US Stores only. Both the Wi-Fi and 3G models will be available in Australia, Britain, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Spain and Switzerland in late April and in additional countries later this year.

  3. The iPad should be a little bit bigger. It isn’t comfortable to look films on it. But I the idea is good and the utility factor in the everyday life is good.

  4. Apple iPad Review – Proceeding in Depth With Apple’s Latest iPad. You are reading something new and exciting from a company that was identified for generating such items – Apple. This Apple iPad review is just one from the many good reviews which you will definitely get to read within the weeks and months to come. As far as 1st impressions go, all are positive. It appears that Apple has as soon as once again been able to come up having a product that both looks fantastic and feels good in someone’s hand. Add to that the fact it uses an interface that may be similar to the already familiar iPhone too iPod touch, just with a much bigger screen, and we have got a champion. The newest product from Apple is often a great gaming as well as multimedia device with its awesome large screen which is ideal for web browsing. I can only imagine the game developers who could not wait to obtain their hands on various Apple iPad review to greater understand and ascertain which kinds of applications or software games might be added to it.

  5. Hi,this apple is really a beautiful ,I like the elegant ability and the price,hope I can have one,Lee

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