Mar 012011

Apad irobot is one of the best iPad Clones where you can purchase it at around $ 150 USD whereas real iPad will cost you about $ 499 USD. However, Apad is running on Google Android OS (Free) where iPad is running Apple iOS same as iPhone and iPod Touch. From time to time, I will review Apad iRobot’s functionality by testing its hardware, software and also some useful Google Android Apps.

Apad is flexible and user-friendly android device; the display page will automatically turn to vertical or horizon according to your holding position. For example:

apad horizontal

How to view iRobot Apad’s Settings

Just click on a button (with a gear picture) as shown in the below screenshot.

apad irobot settings

On the Apad settings page, there are quite many settings can be viewed. Click About device to view device status and software version.

apad settings page

Below is the legal information about Apad iRobot. The memory size is 256MB running on Android 2.2 and also the build number, kernel version.

about apad

Click on the Battery use menu to find out what are really consume the Apad battery. From the screenshot below, the Wi-Fi and Display are consuming around 70% of total battery. Should you want to save more battery, turn-off the Wi-Fi while you are not online and adjust the brightness of display will save more energy and extend the battery life.

apad battery status

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