Aug 042011

According to Nielsen research report in June, Google’s Android platform still dominating top operating system on smartphones in the United States with 39 percent while Apple’s iOS is in second place with 28 percent. Therefore, Android based smartphones is the biggest competitors to Apple iOS-powered iPhone in the US.

nielsen june 2011 smartphone share in usa

So, who’s the overall winner of the Smartphone? Google Android smartphones or Apple’s iPhone? Let’s compare and find out the pros and cons of Android smartphone against iPhone in the below infographic designed by

battle of the smartphones (android vs iphone)

Pro and Cons of Android Smartphone VS iPhone

Android iPhone
Pro Cons Pro Cons
Removable and replaceable battery. Non-upgradable OS. iPhone can support at least one major OS Update before Apple launches a non-compatible or higher configuration OS. No replacement battery
Many Android OS comes with an option to jailbreak it from its service provider. Currently, Android has about 70,000 apps. iPhone boasts over 230,000 apps and is growing. iPhone does not have jailbreak option when you buy it.
System wide notification (non-modal) and other application notifications in cascade windows. Limited internal memory. Lots of apps in the internal memory will eventually make your phone less ‘smart’ Good internal memory and you have choice of different internal memory sizes. Push notifications and individual notifications on updates.
External SD card can be inserted to store photos, media, etc Visually crippled non-Google apps. No external expandable memory-but a huge internal one. Artificial intelligence type dictionary. iPhone learns as  you type.
Google voice integration and user editable dictionary. Separate apps for Gmail and other mail Single e-mail app and I must say an efficient one. iTunes sync model- just like iPods.
Android has the plug and transfer feature. The menu and back buttons don’t always do the same thing. All apps are aesthetically gorgeous Apple charger
Micro USB charger that is something that is readily available in the market. Inconsistent text editing options. Text editing operations (cut, copy and paste) act the same irrespective of the app.

  5 Responses to “Android VS iPhone | Pro and Cons of Android & iPhone (infographic)”

  1. I still prefer iPhone rather than the Android…I don’t know why…Maybe because I am already used to it…

    • @Clark Minn: I agree with you, it depends which phone you are using now and if the phone delivers good performance, then you will stick with it. For example, I’m using Google Nexus S and I’m very satisfy with its performance. :)

  2. If you don’t need to use your cellular for work receiving e-mail etc.. so I phone is the best!

  3. I still have my conventional phone with me. As long as i can send a message or call, then that’s it. I don’t want a more complicated life.

  4. What ever phone would I ever had as long as it give me satisfaction I”ll stick to it..

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