Feb 262010

Well, now we can forget about the American Idols Audition and Hollywood week. We have seen many talented singers in this season especially ladies. I got a feeling that this year’s winner might be girl but I could get it wrong too. I would like to introduce all of the Top 12 Girls Performances as listed below with their videos too. I do not want to comment on their performances as I thought all of them were performing the best to the audiences. So, after watching all the American Idol Top 12 Girls performances; let me know who will be the bottom two girls and who got the chance to become this year’s AmericanIdol’s winner.

American Idol Top 12 Girls Performances:

Paige Miles – ‘Alright Now’

Ashley Rodriguez – ‘Happy’

Janell Wheeler – ‘What About Love’

Lilly Scott – ‘Fixing A Hole’

Katelyn Epperly – ‘Oh Darling’

Haeley Vaughn – ‘I Want To Hold Your Hand’

Lacey Brown – ‘Landslide’

Michelle Delamor – ‘Falling’

Didi Benami – ‘The Way I Am’

Siobhan Mangus – ‘Wicked Game’

Crystal Bowersox – ‘Hand In My Pocket’

Katie Stevens – ‘Feeling Good’

Click the below video links to watch their excellent performance through Official American Idol website if you find the loading is too slow. Sorry for the inconvenience caused.

Watch Paige Miles – ‘Alright Now’

Watch Ashley Rodriguez – ‘Happy’

Watch Janell Wheeler – ‘What About Love’

Watch Lilly Scott – ‘Fixing A Hole’

Watch Katelyn Epperly – ‘Oh Darling’

Watch Haeley Vaughn – ‘I Want To Hold Your Hand’

Watch Lacey Brown – ‘Landslide’

Watch Michelle Delamor – ‘Falling’

Watch Didi Benami – ‘The Way I Am’

Watch Siobhan Mangus – ‘Wicked Game’

Watch Crystal Bowersox – ‘Hand In My Pocket’

Watch Katie Stevens – ‘Feeling Good’

  2 Responses to “American Idol Top 12 Girls Performances | AmericanIdol 2010”

  1. I’m not a big fan of American Idol…But their performances look good =)

  2. @blinkky: I bet you are right, their performances are getting better than previous year.

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