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This time we are moving to Orlando American Idol Season 9 Auditions. Orlando is known as the home of Disney World where the dreams come true. They were total 31 contestants who made it to the Hollywood. We have guest judge – Kristin Chenoweth who seems get along quite well with Kara DioGuardi in the AI audition.

Well, I just want to highlight some of the contestants that caught my attention. In this Orlando audition, I love Jermaine Purifoy and Matt Lawrence.

Jermaine Purifoy sang “Smile” and he has a great and comfortable voice. Randy said his vocal was the best so far in American Idol Season 9. I agree with what Randy said. To my surprise, Jermaine actually did took part in 2007 AI audition but didn’t make it. Anyway, I wish to see his great performance in Hollywood week.

Matt Lawrence sang “Trouble” because he had spent 4 years in prison for robbing a bank with fake gun and now he has realized that he needs to contribute something good to the society. His soulful vocals really unbeatable and easily he got the golden ticket to Hollywood. Kara even predicts Matt Lawrence will be in Top 12 this season. I hope her prediction will come true and everyone will see a new refreshing contestant in this season.

Orlando Audition was better than Chicago and we can discover more talented singers from here. Let’s see if one of the contestants in Orlando can make himself/herself in the American Idol finale.

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  1. All great competitors =)
    .-= blinkky´s last blog ..My Alexa Rank After 308 Days Blogging =-.

  2. @blinkky: That’s right, now is hard to become winner in American Idol. You must got some real talent in singing.

  3. I think it is kind of sad that Simon is likely to walk out of the tv series next year. It positively is definately not the same. I really do like a number of the contestants so far, but really do not enjoy a preference as yet. Nonetheless, I don’t feel there is a chance that any of these individuals will be superior to Adam Lambert.

  4. It is pretty crazy that Matt Lawerence robbed a bank, especially with a fake gun. I wish he would have gotten further in the audition. People like that needs to have a break in life for them to be happy so they won’t be miserable and do things like that.

  5. Even though AI is getting a bit old my husband and I still enjoy watching it. :-)

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