Jan 182010

The first Boston Auditions of American Idol 2010 was aired on Tuesday, Jan 12(8-10pm) and we witnessed a numbers of lucky and talent contestants in the show. Here I would like to mention about the last contestant of the day – Andrew Fenlon. He was losing his temper while the AI judge (Kara) asked him why he looked angry while singing. Then we know that he was angry because of waiting for 3 hours outside the room. What an impatient poor guy.

He actually looks like Clark Kent – Superman with the thick black spectacle glass and the hair. His voice was not so bad compared to many other contestants on that day. Anyway, his arrogance and easily get angry attitude caused him to lose the golden ticket to Hollywood. What a waste!

I hope everyone including Andrew Fenlon had learnt his lesson that in order to become a successful singer is not just having a good voice but the right attitude also plays the important role in presenting who you are.

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  1. You’re right…He’s really look like Clark Kent =)

  2. Poor guy.. I guess he should realize that being a celebrity is not as easy as he might wish.
    .-= MonsterBuzz´s last blog ..African Cup is On The Way =-.

  3. @blinkky: Actually if he behaved well, I think he can go to Hollywood round. :)

    @MonsterBuzz: It’s true. A successful celebrity is not easy to be, he/she must suffer the pain first before gaining the glory. :)

  4. Dear Superman fans,

    We all hope with all our hearts, that Andrew Fenlon will get signed as the next Superman, in David Goyer’s upcoming new Superman movie, always! Andrew Fenlon is the “perfect” Superman, period. He is funny, hilarious, super-talented, massively healthy (as any Superman has to be), and he just basically IS Superman. He is so good at Superman, that we think he may have actually come from Krypton originally, lol. I am campaigning for Andrew to get the role, and we have to work together as a team to get him this role, no matter what. The Universe needs Andrew Fenlon as Superman in this new movie by David Goyer. Also, we’re hoping that David Goyer will make the new Superman movie a G-rated film….it would be very nice for a change, and it would help Andrew Fenlon out with his new girlfriend and love interest Kara-from American Idol, because she would get very mad if he is seen too much by any other girls. Anyway, we look forward to seeing Andrew Fenlon as the next Superman, always, and he deserves very high accolades for his Super-talent as an Actor. I would personally like to see Andrew get a HUGE signing bonus for being the next Supes, because he is so good at it….he is up there with Christopher Reeves easily, and I think he deserves at least a million dollars for the whole project, and a signing bonus of at least $100,000.00 So, let’s all pray for Andrew to get the role. He deserves it, period. Andrew has been compared to Frank Sinatra, which is really saying a lot man. Enough said, and keep up the good work Andrew Fenlon and David Goyer, and best of luck always to Andrew and Kara in their Romance. Love always, Robert Michael Crofoot, GOD

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