Aug 042010

We know that Amazon is one of the pioneers of Electronic book reader seller with its own Kindle e-reader device. Due to the massive competitors appeared nowadays such as Apple iPad, Barnes & Noble, Sony’s e-reader devices, Amazon had decided to cut the price of the Kindle and officially embarks the Ereader Devices wars. Just the days after releasing the Kindle Wi-Fi e-reader, both the USD 189 Kindle 3G+WiFi and USD 139 Kindle WiFi are sold out.

amazon kindle wifi 

Recently, Amazon released the newest version Wi-Fi only Kindle device for USD 139 which is a big discount from Kindle 3G+WiFi version (USD 189) and Kindle DX price at USD 379. The new kindle equipped with integrated Wi-Fi and allows readers to tweet and facebook status updates besides reading e-books. I personally think that these are great features which might draw attention to social network users and boost the selling of Kindle.

Amazon Wi-Fi Kindle Price VS The Nook (Barnes & Nobles)

So, we know that price of Amazon wireless only Kindle is USD 139. Barnes & Nobles’s e-reader, the Nook is USD 149, Sony e-reader device is USD 150 and Apple iPad is around USD 499. Therefore, Amazon Kindle is cheaper than other famous e-reader devices in the market.  However, the Nook eBook store has more than one million titles while Kindle store only about 390,000 titles. Besides that, the Nook supports various e-book formats including PDF and ePub while Kindle still not supported ePub format. Although you can convert books to other format using Amazon’s service, but it’s not quite convenient for most of the ebook readers.

However, Kindle Wi-Fi’s battery life is long enough to keep your reading a lot of ebooks. It can last for 3 weeks with wireless on mode. Bear in mind that Kindle Wi-Fi is not equipped with free 3G wireless as Kindle 3G+Wi-Fi and Kindle DX.

Kindle Comparison

Amazon Kindle Comparison

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  1. Nice friend..Visit my latest entry..goin’ to touch ur heart..;D

  2. We should keep focus not on the reader cost but the books. The reader is a minor one time purchase. Overpriced ebooks is where the retailers make money. Why do ebooks cost so much more than the paperback version? Why can I share a paperback book but not an ebook? Until this situation is improved this avid reader is sticking to paper.

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