Nov 242010

I love software Giveaway especially lifetime license software. Today I would like to let you know that AllMyNotes Organizer version 1.37 which normally costs $34 each copy will be given freely with lifetime license to everyone if you get it before November 30, 2010.

 allmynotes organizer license giveaway

The author of the software contacted me and informed me about their Thanksgiving giveaway promotion. The free offer will be expired in 7 days from now and bear in mind that you will get this award winning software – AllMyNotes Organizer 1.37 Deluxe Edition + Lifetime activation code at Zero cost.

What is AllMyNotes Organizer?

AllMyNotes Organizer is an useful software that keeps you to stay organized all the times. It is a high value personal information manager where you can store and organize all kinds of notes such as diary, articles, password information, plans, to do lists and you can set a password to secure your notes. AllMyNotes Organizer will encrypt it using 1800-bit cipher.

 allmynotes organizer

All the data stored in AllMyNotes Organizer can be grouped into virtual folders in one file and you can find it easily by instant search. AllMyNotes Organizer comes with Free version and Paid version as usual, Free version comes with limited features and you need to pay to get more awesome features. However, if you grab your copy of AllMyNotes Organizer in this Thanksgiving Giveaway period till November 30, 2010. Believe me, you will get the full paid version at $0.

How to Get and Register Full Life time License of AllMyNotes Organizer for FREE?

So, now you know the powerful of AllMyNotes Organizer and wanted to get it a try, right? Let me tell you the simplest way to get it now.

 allmynotes organizer thanksgiving giveaway

1)      Go to the promo page of Thanksgiving Giveaway of AllNotes Organizer version 1.37

2)      Download AllMyNotes Organizer Deluxe Edition 1.37

3)      Just fill simple form on the page (full name and email address) before November 30. There are no limits on number of licenses and everyone is eligible to get it.

4)      You will receive an email with the activation code. Yeah!!!

5)      Install the AllMyNotes Organizer software on your PC/laptop and select Help menu item in menu bar.

6)      Select Activation Details menu item. Click on Enter Activation Code button.

7)      Enter your full name, email and activation code as shown in your email.

8)      Press OK button and you got a full license copy of AllMyNotes Organizer Deluxe version. Enjoy.

 allmynotes organizer deluxe register version

System requirements:

Windows 2000 and all higher versions – 2000/XP/Vista/7, including all server versions of Windows.

During this ThanksGiving Giveaway period, you can also purchase their paid version with 50% discount which cost you only $17 now and include all important features that are not cover such as Free technical support, free upgrades to future versions, commercial usage is allowed, Portable version is available.  


Don’t miss this awesome full license AllMyNotes Organizer software Giveaway by Vladonai Software and Happy Thanksgiving to everyone.

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  1. Thanks for this Giftaway, i had downloaded it^^

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