Jun 042010

People who travel a lot will always find for great deal on Air Asia website. Although AirAsia always having its special AirAsia Promotion such as zero fares or cheap ticket fares but not many people got luck to book the cheapest AirAsia ticket due to too many people browsing AirAsia.com website at the same time.

Therefore, it’s not easy to find the cheapest AirAsia flight although we know the AirAsia promotion is ongoing. However, now I found a solution to find cheap Air Asia cheap tickets with a single search. The answer is through AirAsiaPlus website.

AirAsiaPlus website
AirAsiaPlus.com is a website where you can find for cheap AirAsia flight ticket with a single search and the search result will show all available AirAsia tickets on that day and for the next 15 days.

How To Use AirAsiaPlus website To Search The Cheapest AirAsia Flight Ticket

Just browse to AirAsiaPlus.com and choose the departure date, Origin From and Destination just like you do on AirAsia website. Then press Search AirAsia Flights button and the search result will appear at once with extra 15 days flight details. I have compared the search result between AirAsiaPlus and AirAsia.com and the results are exactly the same.

Comparison of AirAsiaPlus search result and AirAsia search result

AirAsiaPlus Search Result

AirAsia Search Result

Limitation of AirAsiaPlus

The only limitation of AirAsiaPlus is cannot perform both way flight and the ticket fare is excluding Airport Taxes and fees. May be in the future, the AirAsiaPlus team will add on more useful features to enhance the website.

AirAsiaPlus website is helping me a lot in booking AirAsia cheap tickets because I do not need to perform numerous search action on AirAsia website. With the help of AirAsiaPlus.com, now I can find AirAsia cheap tickets easily and faster.

  4 Responses to “AirAsiaPlus – Air Asia Cheap Tickets Search Engine”

  1. this is cool! thanks for sharing!
    will use it next time, hopefully.. =)
    .-= kenwooi´s last blog ..You Know World Cup 2010 Is Here When… =-.

  2. @kenwooi: You’re welcome. :) I hope everyone can grab the best Airasia ticket deal using AirAsiaPlus.com.

  3. found that airasiabooking.net doing better where it show both return ticket price and include tax.

    • @mankok: Thank you for introducing this great AirAsia tickets search website. I’ll be doing a review on this.

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