Jul 042011

Good news to all AirAsia fans! AirAsia X has reached a new milestone by surpassing 5 million passengers mark in less than four years. In order to commemorate the achievement, AirAsia X is offering very low, all in fares starting from 4 July, 2011 until 8 July, 2011 to all AirAsia X destinations excluding Tehran, Iran. The travel period is between 6 February, 2012 to 20 June,2012

airasia x promotion

The lowest AirAsia X all-in fare is only RM 255 flying from Kuala Lumpur to China (Tianjin, Chengdu, Hangzhou), Japan (Tokyo), Korea (Seoul) and India (Mumbai, New Delhi). In addition, passengers could fly to Europe countries such as London and Paris with Rm605 one-way. Flying from Kuala Lumpur LCCT Terminal to Australia (Perth – RM 305, Melbourne or Gold Coast – RM 355), other excited destinations includes Taipei – RM 305 and Christchurch of New Zealand – RM 455.

If you want to have a better flying experience with AirAsia X, you can purchase AirAsia X Premium seats with promotion price now. As low as Rm 779 and RM 799 all-in fare, you could fly to Taipei, Mumbai and New Delhi with the 5-star luxurious premium seat. Kindly refer to the below full list of AirAsia X Promotion fares:

airasia x promotion fares

If you plan to travel in 2012, I believe this AirAsia X special low fare promotion is the cheapest and worth the money. So, what are you waiting for? All the promotional fares are available for online booking at AirAsia.com.

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