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AirAsia Self Check-In service has been there for a long time but I wonder how many AirAsia travelers are actually using it for check-in purpose. However, after AirAsia announced the conventional counter check-in fee of RM10 for one pax started from 21st September 2011 onwards; many AirAsia guests are looking for a free alternative way to check-in to avoid the counter charges. (Read why AirAsia should not charge RM 10 check-in fee)

The simplest way to exempt from paying RM10 counter check-in fee is using AirAsia Self Check-in services via web or mobile. There’re some enhancements features added to Self Check-in services such as:

1)      AirAsia guests now can check-in for their flights via web or mobile as soon as they receive flight itinerary. In the previous, guests only can perform Self Check-in prior 7 days before flying.

2)      Guests now can purchase add-ons like pick a seat, baggage size, comfort kits, onboard meals via Manage My Booking after Self Check-in.

I personally tried out AirAsia’s Self Check-in service via web and I found that the steps are quite easy and faster than conventional counter check-in as I just need to print out the boarding pass and bring it to the airport.

How to Self Check in via AirAsia Web Check-In:

Step 1: Begin Web Check-In at

Go to ( and click the Web check-in tab on the top menu bar. Then choose the departure city and enter your flight booking number. Click Go button to continue.

Notes: Web Check-in is available for individuals, or group bookings with up to 50 guests. However, guest(s) with reduce mobility and those with special needs are not eligible for Self Check-In but exempted from the counter check-in fee (RM10)

airasia web check in

Step 2: Check-in Flights & Guest(s)

If you booked the return flight with the same booking number, you can choose to check-in by ticking the small box at the left side. Also, select the guest(s) that you would like to check-in together. Then click Continue button.

airasia web check in step 2

Step 3: Purchase Add-Ons

Here you are allowed to pick or change your seats, purchase or upgrade baggage size and sports equipment. Just mouse-over to view link to see your seat in the diagram displayed and if you want to select a new seat, click change link. Once done, click Continue button to proceed.

airasia web check in step 3

Step 4: Confirmation

Kindly reconfirm all the details before clicking Continue button to proceed. If you don’t have a printer with you now, tick the box to receive boarding pass via email or 2D Barcode via smart phone.

airasia web check in step 4

Step 5: Read Important Notice

Read important notice and understand the AirAsia’s Terms & Conditions. Once done, tick the box to confirm that you have read and accepted the above requirements. Click Continue button to print out your boarding pass.

airasia web check in step 5

Step 6: Print Boarding Pass

Congratulation! You’re done with Web Check-In and the printer pop-up will appear to print out your boarding pass. If you want to check in for other AirAsia flight, click New Check-In button to repeat the same steps.

Notes: if you had performed self check-in but forgot to bring boarding pass to the airport and request the airport check-in counters to print it for you, you will be charged RM10 check-in fee as well.

airasia web check in step 6

Extra tips: If you are not able to access AirAsia web check-in because of facing problem during Self Check-in (exclude those guest(s) with reduce mobility and those with special needs), you can contact AirAsia at with the following information:

1)      Guest(s) full name

2)      Booking number

3)      Contact number

4)      Email address

5)      Date of attempted web check-in

6)      Time of attempted web check-in

According to AirAsia, they will response to your email in 3 working days. Therefore, you should email to them earlier if there were any problems in accessing web check-in.

Share Your Experience in using AirAsia Web Check-In

Do you think that AirAsia Self Check-in via web is an easy and faster way than manual check-in at the airport and will you continue to use it in your future flight check-in? Kindly share your thoughts in the comment.

  3 Responses to “6 Simple Guides to AirAsia Web Check In”

  1. All airlines should offer this. It will cut down the long lines at the airport terminal due to having to check-in manually at the counters. This could also give more room for passengers not to show up very early at the airport. I hate it when I have to wake up 4 hours before a morning flight, just so I can be at the airport 2 hours before my schedule. Why do I have to do that when I have already paid for my ticket? They should accomodate me even if I show up 20 minutes before departure. All they think about is making more money.

  2. hey i just did a self check in but i forgot to check the return flight box, and now i try to check in for the return flight but there’s no option for the return flight anymore. what should i do?

  3. web checkin is quite difficuty to enter in system i had try several time to do it but is fasle

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