Aug 022010

Have you ever think of traveling to overseas or long distance journey in a luxurious flight? Now Air Asia X is making your dream comes true. Air Asia X just launched latest promotion called “Come to Bed with Us”.  AAX Premium Seats are specially designed for AirAsia passengers who are looking for comfort, luxurious and perfect for long flying flights. The seat gives you more legroom and equipped with a reading light and power socket. The best feature about AAX premium seat is it can become a full flat bed to give you the most comfortable way to sleep or rest.

Airasia Premium Seat Promotion

Enjoy the premium traveling Experience with AAX Premium Seats

If you want to enjoy an outstanding flight experience especially long distance journey, I’m sure you will feel satisfy with AAX Premium Seats. Once you booked the AAX Premium ticket, you will become a premium passenger where you can check in at premium lane plus 20kg checked baggage allowance. Of course you will have a delicious meal and pillow and blanket when on the plane.

Airasia X Premium Seats

In my opinion, AirAsia X Premium Seat is equivalent to Mas Airlines first class seat because the tickets are more expensive than the normal flight ticket. However, I guess it’s your golden chance now to grab a cheaper AAX premium seat ticket to fly to various destinations from Kuala Lumpur International Airport (LCCT) via Air Asia Online Booking

AirAsia Promotion 2010 – AAX Premium (Come to Bed with Us)

Booking Period: 2 August 2010 – 10 August 2010

Travel Period: 9 August 2010 – 15 November 2010

AAX Premium Seats Fares

  4 Responses to “AirAsia Promotion |Air Asia X Premium Seats|Air Asia Booking”

  1. Those seats are looking good.

    • @paul: I bet you’re right. These are really elegant flight seats. If got chance, I want to book the premium seats as well. :)

  2. I think you have no clue about what you are talking about and probably someone who has never flown first or business class on a conventional airline. MAS first class and Air Asia Premium seats are not equivalent at all!

    • @Frequent Flyer: Thanks for the comment. You are right, I don’t have chance to fly with first class either MAS or AirAsia Premium. Therefore, I can only imagine that they are almost the same. :)

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