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AirAsia launches quite many promotions each month but not every AirAsia promotion is worth to book and purchase. Therefore, from March onwards, we’ll compile these AirAsia promotions for 2012 in one post each month and only highlight selected promotion deals for your easy reference. All the below AirAsia promotions can be purchased via online booking at

AirAsia Big Sale Promotion from RM25

AirAsia launches its popular Big Sale Promotion for travel period in between 2012 and 2013. From as low as RM25 one-way (all-in-fare) and RM949 all-in-fare for AirAsia X’s premium seats, guest(s) can fly to various destinations (domestic & international) such as Alor Setar, Penang, Singapore, Chennai, Padang, Hat Yai, Bangkok, Hanoi and more destinations. As of AirAsia X, guest(s) can enjoy promo fares from as low as RM225 all-in-fare (Economy seats) to Perth, Melborne, Tokyo, Chengdu, Seoul and Taipei.

Airasia Big Deal Promotion

The booking period starts from 28 March 2012 till 1 April 2012. Travel period is from 1 October 2012 and 31 January 2013.

Kindly refer to the below promo fares from AirAsia:

Fly from Kuala Lumpur International Airport (LCC Terminal)

Kuala Lumpur to:

Domestic All-in-fare from
Alor Setar RM 25.00
Penang RM 25.00
Kota Bharu RM 25.00
Kuala Terengganu RM 25.00
Johor Bahru RM 25.00
Langkawi RM 35.00
Kuching RM 55.00
Sibu RM 55.00
Bintulu RM 55.00
Kota Kinabalu RM 75.00
Labuan RM 75.00
Tawau RM 75.00
Miri RM 75.00
Sandakan RM 75.00
International All-in-fare from
Brunei RM 75.00
Phnom Penh RM 75.00
Siem Reap RM 135.00
Guilin RM 195.00
Shenzhen RM 195.00
Guangzhou RM 195.00
Hong Kong
Hong Kong RM 195.00
Kochi RM 225.00
Bangalore RM 225.00
Kolkata RM 225.00
Tiruchirappalli RM 225.00
Chennai RM 225.00
Pekanbaru RM 55.00
Banda Aceh RM 55.00
Palembang RM 55.00
Surabaya RM 75.00
Medan RM 75.00
Padang RM 75.00
Solo RM 75.00
Semarang RM 75.00
Yogyakarta RM 95.00
Jakarta RM 95.00
Balikpapan RM 115.00
Bandung RM 115.00
Makassar RM 135.00
Bali RM 135.00
Vientiane RM 95.00
Macau RM 195.00
Yangon RM 95.00
Clark (Manila) RM 95.00
Singapore RM 55.00
Sri Lanka
Colombo RM 175.00
Hat Yai RM 55.00
Surat Thani RM 75.00
Phuket RM 75.00
Krabi RM 95.00
Bangkok RM 95.00
Chiang Mai RM 135.00
Ho Chi Minh City RM 115.00
Da Nang RM 135.00
Hanoi RM 155.00
Operated By AirAsia X Economy seats Premium seats
Perth RM 295.00 RM 1899.00
Sydney RM 395.00 RM 999.00
Melbourne RM 395.00 RM 2199.00
Gold Coast RM 395.00 RM 2199.00
Tianjin RM 225.00 RM 999.00
Chengdu RM 225.00 RM 1099.00
Hangzhou (Shanghai) RM 225.00 RM 949.00
Tokyo RM 295.00 RM 1999.00
Osaka RM 295.00 RM 1699.00
Seoul RM 295.00 RM 999.00
Taipei RM 295.00 RM 999.00

AirAsia Free Seats Promotion 2012 – 2013

Everybody loves AirAsia Free Seats Promotion! AirAsia launches a Free Seats Promotion to celebrate the new addition of its daily flight route from Clark to Puerto Princesa. Guest(s) just need to pay for RM21 all-in-fare that include zero base fare, aviation security free, processing fees, fuel surcharge & VAT.

Find the below Free Seats Promotional fares:

Fly from Diosdado Macapagal International Airport, Clark (Manila) to:
Domestic All-in-fare from
Puerto Princesa RM21
Kalibo RM45
Davao RM60

AirAsia X Promotion: High Frequency Low Fares

AirAsia X Promotion to Perth, Taipei, Seoul & Melbourne

AirAsia X launches a special low fares promotion to selected international destinations such as Perth, Melbourne, Seoul and Taipei from as low as RM299 all-in-fare.

Booking period: 12 March – 25 March 2012

Travel period: 21 June – 27 October 2012

Check out the below promo fares offered by AirAsia X.

Fly from Kuala Lumpur International Airport (LCC Terminal), Kuala Lumpur to:
International All-in-fare from
Perth RM 299.00
Melbourne RM 399.00
Seoul RM 349.00
Taipei RM 299.00

AirAsia Last Minute Deals 2012

Airasia last minute deals

AirAsia launches Last Minute Deals campaign for domestic & international flights. The lowest all-in-fare for domestic flight is from as low as RM20 (fly from Kuala Lumpur to Kota Bahru) while the lowest international flight price is RM50 from Kuala Lumpur to Singapore. Guests can travel to Pekanbaru, Indonesia from RM80, Hat Yai from RM90 and other destinations.

Booking period: 27 February 2012 – 11 March 2012

Travel period: 20 March 2012 – 12 August 2012

Below table displays all domestic & international flights & fares fly from Kuala Lumpur.

Fly from Kuala Lumpur International Airport (LCC Terminal), Kuala Lumpur to:
Domestic All-in-fare from
Kota Bharu RM 20.00
Penang RM 50.00
Kuching RM 50.00
Johor Bahru RM 50.00
Alor Setar RM 50.00
Kuala Terengganu RM 50.00 (*) – Additional flights starts from 26 May 2012
Langkawi RM 70.00 (*) – Additional flights starts from 26 May 2012
Kota Kinabalu RM 80.00
Sibu RM 100.00
Labuan RM 100.00
Sandakan RM 100.00
Miri RM 100.00
Tawau RM 120.00
International All-in-fare from
Brunei RM 140.00
Phnom Penh RM 90.00
Siem Reap RM 140.00
Shenzhen RM 240.00
Hong Kong
Hong Kong RM 220.00
Kochi RM 220.00
Kolkata RM 220.00
Bangalore RM 220.00
Tiruchirappalli RM 240.00
Chennai RM 240.00
Pekanbaru RM 80.00
Jakarta RM 90.00
Padang RM 100.00
Medan RM 100.00
Palembang RM 100.00
Semarang RM 110.00
Banda Aceh RM 120.00
Bali RM 120.00
Surabaya RM 140.00
Balikpapan RM 140.00
Solo RM 140.00
Makassar RM 140.00
Vientiane RM 180.00
Macau RM 200.00
Yangon RM 140.00
Clark (Manila) RM 140.00
Singapore RM 50.00
Sri Lanka
Colombo RM 200.00
Hat Yai RM 90.00
Bangkok RM 90.00
Chiang Mai RM 120.00
Da Nang RM 140.00
Ho Chi Minh City RM 140.00
Hanoi RM 200.00

AirAsia X Promotion – Let’s Explore Australia, Osaka, Tokyo & Seoul from RM399

Airasia x Australia promotion 2012

AirAsia X offers great deals for travellers who plan to visit Sydney, Tokyo, Osaka and Seoul. From RM399 all-in-fare only, travellers are able to fly to these destinations. Other hot destinations such as Perth (from RM499), Gold Coast (RM619) and Melbourne from RM649 are also available for booking. For those travellers who want to enjoy a more comfortable long journey, you can book AirAsia X premium seat from RM999 to Sydney or Seoul.

Booking period: 5 March 2012 – 11 March 2012

Travel period: 1 April 2012 – 30 June 2012

Find out the promo fares offered by AirAsia X.

Fly from Kuala Lumpur International Airport (LCC Terminal) Kuala Lumpur to:
International All-in-fare from
Operated By AirAsia X Economy seats Premium seats
Sydney RM 399.00 RM 999.00
Perth RM 499.00 RM 1899.00
Gold Coast RM 619.00 RM 2199.00
Melbourne RM 649.00 RM 2199.00
Osaka RM 399.00 RM 1699.00
Tokyo RM 399.00 RM 1999.00
Seoul RM 399.00 RM 999.00

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