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We all know Airasia is the world’s best low-cost airline and everyday there are a lot of Airasia passengers calling Airasia Centre to seek for help on their flight status, schedules and so on. According to Bo Lingam, Chief Operating Officer of Airasia, Airasia get an average of 6,000 calls a day. No wonder most of the time I could not get through the Airasia hotlines.

In order to cope with huge customer’s demand, Airasia has upgraded its call centre services to shorten call waiting time. In case you are still searching for Airasia phone contact number and Airasia email address, here are the answers:

Customers calling from Malaysia can dial +603 2171 9333 for regular phone services from 7am to 7pm daily.
You can also email to them via for pre-flight inquiries. Airasia aims to halve its turnaround time for email responses to pre-flight inquiries from 24 hours to within 12 hours.

Updates: AirAsia Email and regular phone service are no longer in use anymore.

Further Reading: Find out how to contact AirAsia using different methods.

AirAsia New Services 2010

1) Airasia is rolling out new premium phone line for customers who wants better call service. Airasia Premium Customer Phone Line targets to engage callers within 20 seconds and the number is 600 85 9999 from 7am to 7pm daily. If you are using premium phone call, you will enjoy fast quality services for bookings, changes to booking, payments and others services. However, the charges of Airasia Premium Customer number is not cheap, you are going to be charged at RM 1.95 per minute. This Premium Service Line is available only to those calling from within Malaysia and using local landline and mobile phone numbers. For any feedback on their premium line, please email to,

2) LiveHelp or Live Chat – Airasia brand new service for all registered guests with Airasia, you need to logon using your Airasia member ID in order to chat with their service agents. The web chat service is available from 9am to 6pm daily. If you still yet to sign-up as Airasia member, do sign-up first  to use this awesome service.

Please read the below statements before using their Live Chat services.

  • LiveHelp is designed to assist with your enquiries only. Fare (PNR) purchases or amendments to your existing bookings are not available on this feature and can only be effected through contacting our Call Centre.
  • You are able to chat directly with our customer services representatives on LiveHelp.
  • Although LiveHelp is still in its pilot test stage, the information provided is accurate and based on AirAsia’s policies and practices. You may experience temporary glitches, we ask for your patience while we work on perfecting Live Help.
  • You’ll be able to obtain information about AirAsia and AirAsia X’s products and services here.
  • Please be mindful not to share your credit card information, itinerary number (PNR) or other potentially sensitive personal details while chatting.
  • You are unable to book, pay or change flights for AirAsia and AirAsia X’s products and services on LiveHelp.
  • You are also unable to obtain information about your existing bookings. You will need to contact our Call Centre for this service.
  • You will need to call the Call Centre and speak to our Customer Service personnel for any changes to your itinerary or purchase of our services.

How To Use AirAsia LiveHelp ?
I have been using AirAsia LiveHelp and the line always cut off after a few minutes. (I think it’s still in beta mode) and it’s quite simple to use it for instant answers from servicing agent. Let me show you how to use their live chat service.

1) Login with your AirAsia member ID now to use this service.

2) Make sure you read all the LiveHelp terms and conditions and tick the box. Then, press Start Chatting Now button.

3) Provide your name to begin the chatting.

4) Yes, I’m chatting with Airasia Operator now.


I hope with all the new services provided by Airasia, it can reduce the numbers of calls and waiting time. I know a lot of people are not satisfy with their call service including me but I would like to give a chance to them as Airasia is Malaysia’s Product and I hope Airasia will keep on reward us with Airasia Big Promotion so Everyone Can Fly Now with Airasia.

  77 Responses to “Airasia Phone Number, Airasia Email, Live Chat and LiveHelp”

  1. It’s true, AirAsia is really cheap =)

  2. Thanks for the update!
    .-= Palabuzz´s last blog ..Dingdong Dantes and Marian Rivera spending some time on Benguet this Holy Week =-.

  3. @blinkky: AirAsia is cheap but the bad thing is Airasia does not responsible for connecting flight. If they cancel or reschedule the flight, you are going to face the problem with next connecting flight.

    @Palabuzz: You’re welcome.

  4. hi, i booked the flight from Hatyai 2 Bangkok in Jun. but my fren wanna cancel the flight coz the case in Bkk now, may i know how can i manage it? or can we change the name of passenger? or just change it 2 other place or pospon it 2 other time?

  5. i have book air asia kolkata to kulala lumper i have sumit the rong e mail id pls solav my problem

  6. @tauruskhim: According to Airasia website, In view of the current situation in Bangkok, the following options are available to our guests who do not wish to travel to/from Bangkok. These options are strictly for the following travelling dates from 05 April to 25 April 2010 only.

    Option 1: Change date / time of travel.
    The change fee will be waived but the fare difference (if any) will apply

    Option 2: Change of destination (re-routing).
    A penalty will be waived but fare difference (if any) will apply. Please note that there will be no refund if the fare of the new flight is lower than the original amount.

    Option 3: Credit Shell
    The change fee will be waived but the fare difference (if any) will apply.

    Please contact our Call Centre for assistance on the matter above. We will try out best to accommodate your request in light of the current situation in Bangkok.
    Only applicable for flights to/from Bangkok. Terms & conditions will apply.

    Click this link to see the Bangkok Flight Options –

  7. @ranjit singh: It’s good that you can call their call-center helpline to solve the problem. Below are the phone numbers:

    Malaysia +603 2171 9333 (Self Help Menu)
    Operating Hours : 8am – 9pm (GMT+8)
    600 85 9999 (Premium Customer Service Line)
    Operating Hours: 7am – 7pm
    Available from Malaysian telco – Telekom, Celcom, Maxis & DiGi
    Charge: RM 1.95 per minute
    For any feedback on our premium line, please email to

    Indonesia +62 21 50 50 50 88
    Operating Hours : 8am – 9pm (GMT+7)

    Thailand +66 2 515 9999
    Operating Hours : 8am – 9pm (GMT+7)

    Singapore +65 630 77688
    Operating Hours : 8am – 9pm (GMT+8)

    China 95013 9000 0200
    Operating Hours : 8am – 9pm (GMT+8)

    Taiwan +886287231099
    Operating Hours : 8am – 9pm (GMT+8)

    Macau +852 3192 7488
    Operating Hours : 8am – 9pm (GMT+8)

    Hong Kong +852 3192 7688
    Operating Hours : 8am – 9pm (GMT+8)

    United Kingdom 0845 605 3333
    Operating Hours : 24 Hours

    United Arab Emirates +971-4-273-8988
    Operating Hours : 9am to 6pm (GMT+4)
    Day : Sunday to Thursday

    Australia 1300 760 330
    Operating Hours : 24 Hours

    Please click here to get more contact info of Airasia.





  9. @Curtis Miller: Sorry to hear that happened to you. I don’t dare to say that AirAsia’s service is the best but the ticket price is unbeatable. You can email to to double check the booking and I hope Air Asia team can confirm your flight booking very soon. You’re right, cheapest doesn’t make it the best at anything. I will recommend you to use Mas Airline as the service is better but the price is more expensive than AirAsia.

  10. Hi, I made a spelling mistake over a passenger name in booking, I tried to call the help centre which charge rm1.95.I was being hold on for more than 2 minutes, so I hung up.This is really crazy and unfair…the charge is absurd.At least they have to make sure that the callers are entertained immediately.Being charge for nothing!!!This is the last time I’ll ever use AirAsia.

  11. I have been trying to call the Premium call number a few times since 6. 33pm until 6.51pm and I am still put on hold and I am still charged. I strongly felt that AirAsia is trying to make money this way and I felt cheated but have no choice because I was deparately need to contact AirAsia for assistant for a mistake that is not my fault but AirAsia system fault – double booking.

    AirAsia try to claim “ to engage callers withing 20 seconds” so you need to pay for calls !!!!!! There is no other number to call except this 600 85 9999 if you need to speak to an officer.

    I have lost count already how many minutes that AirAsia has made money from this unnecessary calls???? I strong feels that I should not be charge when AirAsia cannot provide good customer service and to fulfill the claim. it is really absurd !!

  12. AirAsia SUCKS big time!

  13. Amy Says:
    July 28th, 2010 at 11:04 am

    I strongly agree with u fren…Air asia double charged my credit card for same tickets…I called them twice already to get my money refunded…it cost me almost RM40…but until today (almost 1 mth) …no one from respective dept responded to my complaints….Do not know what to do..

  14. Individually we cant do much to AirAsia regarding our complaints – However, if we take the case to the Consumer Tribunal as a Group – maybe we can do something… I FEEEEELLL extremely cheated by AirAsia – My Bank told me the payment when through but when I chk Manage Booking – its shows Need Payment – I tried calling 600 85 9999 for about 5 times – willing to pay to get the matter resolve but NO ONE answers the call and u pay a Fucking RM1.95 per minute!!!!!!!!!! and i am like on the phone for at least 5 mins each time – DO YOUR Maths!!! Air Asia not only SUCKs all your MONEY – they SUCKS the life out of u…

  15. Today,i.e. on 17.08.10 in the local Bengali daily (Kolkata)”Ananda Bazar Patrika” I saw an advt for booking for Kualalampur for Rs.2000+. I want to book Tkts for 2 to Malayasia.

  16. I can’t to get answer from AIR ASIA for next question: “Please, confirm booking of tickets for msr. Oxana Grigoryeva and mr. Boris Grigoryev to flight from KL to Langkawi and back at Februari 2011. My e-mail is xxxxxxxxx. My phone № +xxxxxxxxx. The last four figure of my Credit Card is xxxx. We are loss information in our computer. Please send again our electronic tickets. Thank You, Oxana & Boris Grigoryev” What I must to do?

  17. There is no option for present promotion of 20% seats at

    The option for using amex card is not available for bookings from CMB to KUL at but option for promotion of 20% off seats are available.

    I am using amex card and therefore I am unable to do booking from CMB to KUL through

    I need to do booking by September 19, 2010 (today) for five people as offer ends after that.

    If I do booking through I will not have the opportunity to enjoy 20% off seats promotion.

    Any suggestion to resolve my problem is highly appreciated.

    • @pasidu: I’m sorry to hear that Amex card is not available for the bookings. I guess it only accepts Credit cards (Master or Visa) and direct debit. According to AirAsia terms and conditions, Current 20% promotion seats will only available for online booking at

  18. Saya cuba hubungi airasaia berkaitan dengan bookpng online saya yang ada masalah berkaitan kad kredit sampai sekarang x dapat.Tolonglah hubungi saya bagaimana saya dapat bercakap dengan pegawai air asia ini, kerana pengggunakan kad kredit

  19. I received sms about my flight had been rescheduled than i plan to change my flight time to earlier 1 day (it flight is available)becoz the time rescheduled given is clash with my event…

    will i need to pay for changing the date?Is tat airasia should waived it due to it reschedule the time and give us the priority?

    • @Steve: I experienced one time when AirAsia also rescheduled their flight time. There were no extra charges to change your flight time for this case. Just call them and ask them to change the flight time for you.

  20. Hi, i will be travelling to Perth next week. I would like to know if i can check in two bags which totals up to 15 kg (i actually paid for 15 kg)or am i only allowed to check in one bag only. Please also confirm if i am allowed to carry a hand luggage. Thank you and awaiting for an early reply.

    • @Anne Raj: Yes, there is no limit to the pieces of checked baggage provided the relevant fee. That means you are allowed to check in 2 bags as long as their weight do not exceed 15KG. You are also allow to carry a hand luggage which do not exceed 7KG. Enjoy your trip. :)

  21. Latest updates: AirAsia general phone becomes self help menu phone and AirAsia support email address no longer active. Read the latest AirAsia post to learn how to contact AirAsia. (

  22. got registered in the airasia online. try to purchase ticket for SGP~BKK but funny is my home address is always invalid.. me type my adress as same as stated in my singapore NRIC.. called airasia.. but.. being transfer from one person to another.. call from numbers to another.. am in bangkok.. please.. IDD in thailand is not cheap.. so can anyone just help me with these? 1. why my adress is invalid?

  23. @mohamed: Have you tried AirAsia Live Chat feature? I think AirAsia operator at Live Chat might be able to help you or give you the best solution.

  24. @mohamed & lee,
    the address must not consist of symbols like ‘#’ ‘,’ ‘-‘ etc.
    im from singapore too and it puzzled me quite a while too and i realised that no symbols are allowed in the text box.
    hope it helps.

    • @kacie: Thanks for leaving a comment and I believe this handy information will help people who has encountered the same problem. :)

  25. Hi, dear AirAsia!!! Today I changed my tickets “Bangkok 06 Dec
    2010-Phuket 16 Dec 2010″ booking number GDD37R. New flight booked “Bangkok 12 Dec2010-Phuket 20 Dec 2010″ is in a higher fare class than that of the
    cancelled booked flight. I paid the difference in fares – 5066,6THB
    But after payment you informed me, that my credit card is declined.
    However, at the same time my money – 5066,6THB is taken off from my
    card. I called to my bank, the manager answered that everything it’s
    O’K, and you received my money. Please, send me to my e-mail
    my new tickets (new Itinerary and new booking
    number). Best regards, Guzel

  26. We purched two return e-tickets. One from Bangkok to Kuala Lumpur and one from Bangkok to Phuket, from We received a confirmation e-mail for both, from wegolo, but we only recieved an e-ticket for Kuala Lumpur from airasia. We fly on Mon. Jan.17th. and still need our e-ticket for Colin Bell and Sylvia Bell. The booking# is Z125PR

    Please reply to us by email quickly…..Colin Bell

  27. My flight from Solo Indonesia (AK 0541) to Kuala Lumpur on the 1st April 2011 was scheduled at 12:15pm.
    But the flight was delayed for almost 35 minutes.

    So when i reached Kuala Lumpur was 16:10hrs.
    And i had a connecting flight from Kuala Lumpur to Penang at 16:50hrs.

    When i reached LCCT Kuala Lumpur i was not allowed to fly.

    I went to Customer Service counter and was very disappointed with the service.
    I was told that i can’t fly anymore and need to purchase for a new ticket…
    And had arguement there…
    Even the staff on duty told me if i ‘m not satisfied she told me to proceed for the complaint.
    Is that the way Air Asia hire such staff with so low mentality.
    The point is it was not my fault that i’m late for my flight..
    The flight was delayed by Air Asia…
    after the arguement i was told if i want to fly again i need to wait till the next morning and had to pay a penalty..

    Before i made a booking i had called up the customer service.
    Because i was scared if there were any delayed what happened to my connecting flight…
    i was told thru the telephone conversation with the customer service if there were any delayed from Solo, Indonesia and if i can’t make it by time for my connecting flight i would be placed on the next flight from LCCT Kuala Lumpur to Penang without any chargers…

    So i was not being compensate for the flight..And I would like the refund for my flight on the 1st April 2011 (AK 5374)

    For Reference my booking Number B4WLWC ( 2 Passengers)

    I would like to ask for the refund as i have been a very loyal customer with air asia.
    i almost travel every month with Air Asia.

    I Hope to get the reply soonest possible for my refund..

  28. do not email to as the
    email adderess is no more in use.

    Also for pre-flight, call the number
    on your text message or email. No point
    emails. DON’T reply email from pre-flight.

    Any complaints regarding the call centre or ground handling,
    email to (if it is very serious).

    He is the COO of Airasia.
    Or email to
    call +60386604333

  29. I am in Malaysia and I want to buy a ticket for my Mom , a 2 way ticket from Iran to Malaysia.
    I want to buy the ticket online .(trough Airasia website)
    But the question is , with the ticket which I am going to buy online (and not from any travel agency) does my Mom meet any problem at the airport ?

  30. Does AirAsia offer discounted air-flight tickets for students or group travelling? Please answer me urgently. Thanks.

    • @Wong: Unfortunately, AirAsia does not provide special discount tickets for students. You can go for MAS Airline and apply GRAD Card to enjoy the discount fares for student.

  31. Booked and paid for flights to Bali on 21st of September. Just found out
    that there is nothing showing on on AA website under manage my booking for me. Have checked paypal and my bank account and the payment has been made. Tried ringing the contact centre and the line disconnects after a couple of minutes. How on earth can I contact them. The website tells you nothing and evertytime I send an email it bounces back. I just want to know what has happened to my booking and where did my money go!!!!!!!

    • @Terri: I’m sorry to hear that. Here are some suggestions that you might want to try.
      1) Try the Live Chat and talk to the AirAsia agent about your problem. (you must log in as AirAsia member)
      2) Send a message through AirAsia e-form. (click here)
      3) Using Twitter to reach AirAsia agent. Usually they will give a quick reply. AirAsia Twitter account is
      4) Click here to find the nearest AirAsia contact centre and give them a call.
      I hope your problem can be resolved soon and let us know the outcome.

  32. hi, I made a spelling mistake over a passenger name in booking!
    how i can change?

    • @valentina:
      If you wish to change the name of your passenger, please take note of below:
      Name change option is no longer be available for all destinations except for flights to/from Japan and Korea effective 1 November 2011. However, guest(s) who booked before 1 November 2011 will be entitled to a one (1) time name change. Name change fees can be viewed by clicking here.
      In addition please ensure that your flight was not purchased as a promo fare. Name change is allowed up to six (6) hours prior to the scheduled flight departure time. To make the change, you can either contact AirAsia Call Centre or go to any of our Sales Offices/Airport Sales Counters for assistance. You will need to produce copies of the identification documents (identity card or passport) of both names involved in the transfer.

  33. How to Contact air asia penang service counter?thank

  34. Hi, I accidentally keyed in two times of my surname during ticket booking..should there be any problem?
    For example: Wong Pak Yin, Wong.

  35. Good Morning

    Can I bring fresh flower in the flight from KUL – KCH.

    Thank you

  36. Hi Sir,
    Can I bring along fresh eggs (nicely packed- won’t break) on board air asia plane to beijing. Either hand held or check in.

  37. What can I do as I have spell wrongly the name as it is less by a character and not the same with the passport name?

  38. Can i book the ticket by online without paspprt number?

  39. my flight is 4/12/12 , but my passport expiry on 31may2013.. still can make it?

  40. My flight to Bandung is on Wednesday 12/12 afternoon. But one of my staff is not feeling well cause of pregnance. The ticket that i bought is under promotion. My question is can I replace other name to replace her. TQ

  41. Hi,I purchased a return ticket to Tehran on November 2012.Airasia stoped its flights to Iran.So far no news about my refund.I left a complain in customer service.They were suppose to contact me in 5 working days.No news!!

  42. Something is seriously wrong. I have not booked the following flights, but it appears in my e-mail: JFHS5R and X6KG7S.

  43. Very urgently for can’t online check in!!! Please help ASAP
    Tomorrow Need Check In at 7.35am.Guest Name:Toh Kim Hoi Booking No:S2JVJB

  44. I need to my flight, how can do it

  45. 1) how if my flight same date with PRU13 ? IS comming soon or
    2) how if i still travel ,as a date PRU 13? CAN I CHANGE NEW DATE ANY CHAGES FOR MY TICKET ?

  46. If i already check in yesterday n my flight will be this sunday,what should i do if i wanna add on my bagage

    • @Izzah: You still can add pre-book check in baggage via manage booking even you have check in. This process need to be done more than 4 hrs before flight time and make a payment by credit card or for direct debit payment need to be done more than 48 hrs before departure time.

  47. I bought 4 pax Denpasar – Perth ,booking no.EBJIPD,D6BWMS,V7YLFF all HOT SEAT row 12 C to F.After my family check-in and board the plane, to their surprice the counter had change their seats to row 26 A-D which is regular seat. I felt very disappointed and I demand an apology and refund from airasia for their unprofessional act. I felt I had been cheated or robbed by airasia staff.

    If airasia claim to be the best low cost carrier please proved it by refunding my right.

    We are waiting for your respond.

  48. hi I just want check about mail that i received from AirAsia ( regarding Hari Raya Bonus) … how to go about it…


  49. please please give me contact number airasia… its really urgent

  50. Didn’t recvd confirmation coz wrong email given to airasia .this is the correct email address. Pls can I confirm my ticket to hangzhou on 2/9/13?

  51. Hi
    I am Stephanie. I have make double payment. Because the first session never show flight confirm. so i book again and my debit card show the balance then i got a short. It was double payment. But the return time is difference.
    How can i get my refund?

  52. Dear Air Asia Customer service officer, i have file the E-form on 26 dec 2013, today it’s already 2 jan 2014, and I’m still not getting my replies from air Asia, Air Asia can you please help to reply to my Case : CAS-5815897-5Q9BKF CRM:0001409 dated 26 Dec 2013. My flight is tomorrow 3 jan 2014 and I need to reschedule my flight urgently. Please reply back ASAP. Thank you.
    Sent from my iPhone.

  53. AirAsia, I’ve been calling since December. I want to followup my refund for my ticket, you said last November that i’ll wait for 30 business days, I’d waited for it. your customer services, keep on promising that they’d already deposited it to my bank but still there is no refund on my bank account .almost 20 customer representative I’ve talk to, but, it’s already February 2014 and still the REFUND is still not there. Please tell if this refund is true or it’s a joke!!! so that I will not wait for it. I need my money,I NEED MY REFUND!!! There is no reason that we will try AirAsia again.

  54. im using a wrong email just now to book my ticket.. how am I going to check my flight schedule or manage my booking .

  55. I have 30 kgs purchased. Any additional charge two luggage check in? How many luggage is allowed for 30 kgs weight without additional charge?

  56. hye, i call this call center 603 2171 9333 and 600 85 9999 , the both number i calling have not answer, first number I call like busy/ engage, second number i calling say this number not have services.. why?? i want change my flight because my work problem.. please help me airasia !!

  57. hi, I already online booking the air ticket form sabah back to Johor Bahru is AK5305, but now i want to changes the time to afternoon or morning time , may i know how to do and the fees. tq & lat me know asap..if can please contact me..

  58. Dear, i call this call center 603 2171 9333 and 600 85 9999 , the both number i calling have not answer, first number I call like busy/ engage, second number i calling say this number not have services.. why?? i have to fly back to kuala lumpur from nepal next Week th7 Apr-2015 my booking tickets how abut flight from nepal kathmandu to kula lumpur ??? problem.. please help me airasia !!

  59. Hi, may i know that there will be promotion for the domestic flight from kota bharu to kota kinabalu in the september??Hopely u can asnswer as fast as u can in other for me to manage my holiday tickets..thanks

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