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Since the commencement of AirAsia – Malaysia and World’s Best Low-Cost Airline 2009, 2010 and 2011. Most of the people are able to fly to their dream destinations with cheap and affordable air tickets. There are still a lot of AirAsia passengers who do not read the AirAsia Online Booking FAQ before booking the AirAsia tickets. These Air Asia Common questions and answers can be read on AirAsia faq page and you can easily search by using FAQ category or keyword to find the answers. However, there are too many frequently asked questions which might not be relevant to your problems. Therefore, I have selected some useful AirAsia Online Booking FAQ that I think you might want to know also.

airasia online booking faq

List of AirAsia Common Online Booking Questions and Answers:

1)      Can I cancel my booking and get a refund?

Answer: Sorry, once the booking is confirmed, it cannot be cancelled and the payment you made is not refundable.

2)      How will I find out if there is a flight delay/retime/reschedule?

Answer: In the event of a flight delay/retime/reschedule, we will contact you in advance to inform you the change either by email or via SMS. You can also check your itinerary on Manage My Booking for updates before you fly. Therefore, please give the correct contact details to ensure you will be informed at once.

3)      What is AirAsia’s policy if a flight is cancelled?

Answer: You have the following options:

a)      Another connection at the earliest possible opportunity on the next available AirAsia flight without additional charges to you and where necessary, extend the validity of your booking.

b)      Retain the value of the fare you paid in a credit account for your future travel provided you rebook within 3 months there from.

4)      What is the Premium Customer Service Line and what can I do when I call the Premium Customer Service Line?

Answer: The Premium Customer Service Line is an exclusive service that provides convenient and quick solutions for all your queries. Call 600 85 9999 and the services are only available from 7am to 7pm daily. You’ll be able to make bookings, make amendments to existing bookings or get queries. This service is available for Malaysia Telco – Telekom, Celcom, Maxis & Digi.

5)      How much will be charged if call Premium Customer Service Line?

Answer: RM 1.95 per minute in 4 second blocks. You are encouraged to have the necessary details in hand when calling to save the phone charges.

6)      What is Convenience Free?

Answer: A convenience fee is charged when payment is made through credit, debit or charge cards. The fee is charged per guest for each way. Any changes or addition to existing booking is excluded from the Convenience fee.

7)      What is AirAsia Call Centre number and operating hours?

Answer: Malaysia – +603 2171 9333 (self help menu), operating hours: 8am – 9pm

–          +600 85 9999 (Premium Customer Service Line), operating hours: 7am – 7pm

–          Other countries, please click other AirAsia Call Centre contact numbers (http://www.airasia.com/my/en/contactus.page)

8)      When do I need to check-in for Airasia flight?

Answer: AirAsia (AK, FD and QZ flights) – The AirAsia check-in counters are open 2 hours and close 45 minutes prior to the scheduled flight departure time. Make sure you can produce the booking number/printed itinerary upon check-in together with your identification card or Passport.

AirAsia X (D7 flights) – AirAsia check-in counters are open 3 hours and close 60 minutes prior to the scheduled flight departure time.

9)      Can I check-in from my mobile?

Answer: Yes. You can use AirAsia Mobile check-in services to check-in from 4 to 48 hours prior to the scheduled departure time.

10)   Can I combine my checked baggage with my travelling companion(s)

Answer: Yes, provided you are travelling in the same PNR/booking number and present yourselves together at the check-in counter.

11)   What items will be carried free of charge as checked baggage?

Answer: Baby buggies/pram, manual wheelchairs, mobility devices and walking frames.

12)   Can I change my pre-booked baggage supersize free?

Answer: Yes. You can upgrade the weight of baggage supersize not less than 24 hours prior to departure at call centre/sales office/airport sales counter. No refund is available if you decide to downgrade the checked baggage weight.

13)   Is my pre-booked baggage supersize allowance transferable to another guest?

Answer: Sorry, no.

14)   If I make a name change, how will it affect my pre-booked baggage supersize fee?

Answer: The pre-booked baggage supersize fee will be reassigned to the new guest.

15)   What is the allowable dimension for hand carry baggage?

Answer: Hand carry baggage should be the 56 X 36 X 23 cm in dimension and should weight less than 7KG.

16)   Who should I contact if I require special assistance?

Answer: If you require special assistance, you are requested to contact AirAsia Call Centre at least 48 hours before the scheduled flight departure time.

17)   What is comfort kit?

Answer: A comfort kit comprises of a neck pillow, woven blanket, drawstring bag and eye shades.

18)   What is the maximum amount of checked baggage allowance that I can pre-book online?

Answer: You can pre-book up to 30 KG subject to the baggage supersize fee.

19)   Where can I obtain the list of fees and charges?

Answer: Go to Air Asia homepage, click on Fee Schedule to view fees, charges and taxes applicable for your flight.

20)   If AirAsia are full, can I travel on standby or as a waiting list guest?

Answer: AirAsia does not operate on a standby/waiting list booking policy. All guests booked on a flight are guaranteed a seat.

  14 Responses to “AirAsia Online Booking FAQ | Air Asia Questions and Answers”

  1. I tried for 5th times to do my online booking ticket, but it replied decline. It is very ridiculous as i had checked with my card centre and they very sure that my card status is clear there is no problem with any transaction.

    Please tell me what went wrong, i’m tired with Air Asia online booking. Please reply and help me out from this, as i sucessfully online booked for my hotel 3days 4night in Bali Indonesia. Thank you.

    • @dan Shy Wei: That’s so inconvenience and if I were you, I’ll angry as well. I guest the best way is to contact AirAsia call center at 600 85 9999 (Premium Customer Service Line) to ask for verification or contact AirAsia sales offices, AirAsia Travel & Service centre at your nearby location. Click here to find out how to contact AirAsia. Hope you can solve this problem and enjoy the trip. :)

  2. It is the fault of Indonesian banks not AirAsia, many many people have this problem.

  3. My flight is lcct to Phuket ,When I booking is using ic no. ,should I change my passport no. Before I flight?

    • @Coey: Well, you may have to update the passport details upon check in/web check in. While you are doing the web check in, the system will requested you to key in the passport details as this is an international flight.

  4. if you check in on line and print off boarding pass do you still have to go to the counter

  5. If we have booked ticket (return and hotel) will there be someone to pick us up from the hotel and back to the airport ?

  6. can i change to the other passenger’s name once i have confirmed my booking

  7. i received booking no from online booking however my credit card has not been deducted for this fee..i didnt received the itinerary yet…is my booking valid?

  8. 1. Can I pre booked baggage and meals only after I have already check in online?

    2. Since allocation of seat are given only after check in online, can re select after I have check in online?

    • @Christina Loh:
      After performing Self check-in via Web/Mobile/Kiosk passengers are allowed to do the following changes to their bookings;

      -Baggage supersize ( you may purchase/upgrade baggage up to 4 hours to departure time.)
      -Sports Equipment Fee ( should you decide that you would be travelling with sports equipment.) Not sure what is considered as sports equipment, kindly click this http://www.airasia.com/my/en/our-fares/fees-and-charges.page? and insert your destination cities eg: Kuala Lumpur to Singapore.
      -Purchase or change meals ( you may add and change meals up to 24 hours to departure time)
      -Purchase Comfort Kit ( you may purchase/add this up to 24 hours to departure time)
      -Insurance ( you can only purchase, but can’t change)
      -Skybus ( you may purchase up to 48 hours before departure time )
      -Tune Talk ( you may purchase up to 48 hours before departure time )
      -Seat Assignment ( you may prebook seat up to 4 hours to departure time)
      -Change flight time/date only (up to 4 hours for flight number beginning with I5 and up to 48 hours for all other flights before original departure time) – Go to Manage My Booking and Click on Change/Upgrade Flight.

  9. Hi, I would like to change my flight date due to some personal issues. May i know how am i to do the changes and what is the contact that i can contact to?

    The situation is rather urgent because the flight is on coming Sunday. Kindly assist me on this matter.

    Thank you.

  10. good morning i just want to ask again my itnerary because last knight i already ask to the reprisentative she said she will email to mi but until this morning i havent recieve my itinerary please send it now to my email thank you

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