Aug 222010

AirAsia will be rolling out new flight transfer service soon to connect 2 different flights via the transfer hall, with a minimum connection time of 90 minutes. This new flight transfer service is available for some flight routes only. As we know, Air Asia is a point-to-point carrier and shall not responsible to you for any connecting flights. Therefore, you must be very careful while planning for any AirAsia connecting flights.

airasia flight transfer service

My friend had a bad experience with Air Asia flight last few month. He booked 2 AirAsia tickets from Bintulu to Kuala Lumpur and then Kuala Lumpur to Penang on the same day. Bintulu to KL flight was on the Morning and Kuala Lumpur to Penang flight was in the evening. However, due to some unforeseen situation; AirAsia rescheduled the Bintulu flight to the afternoon and it caused my friend not able to catch KL – Penang flight on time.

However, we know that AirAsia’s policy has stated that they are not responsible to any loss on connecting flight. Therefore, the new flight transfer service is really good for those people who need connecting flights between 2 destinations. It can save their time and no worry of flight delay or rescheduling of first flight because you are entitled to the next available connecting flight from AirAisa.

Benefits of AirAsia Flight Transfer Service

1)      Your checked-in baggage will be tagged to your final destination.

2)      No queuing at Kuala Lumpur LCCT immigration

3)      Check-in at the transfer hall to connect to your second flight.

4)      Easy access to the departure hall via the transfer hall.

5)      Free flights move for your connecting flight if your first flight is delayed.

Please be remembered that this flight transfer service is offered when you make a single booking for both your flights within the selected routes below.

Flight Transfer currently available for these routes
hengdu ↔Gold Coast
Chengdu ↔Perth
HangZhou ↔Gold Coast
Melbourne ↔Taipei
Perth ↔London
Melbourne ↔London
Mumbai ↔Melbourne
Mumbai ↔Perth
Mumbai ↔London
New Delhi ↔London

A step by step guide of Flight Transfer

1)      Pre Check-In – Provide your travel itinerary at our check in counter. Prepare your travel documents for both sectors.

2)      During Check-In – Your checked-in baggage will be tagged to your final destination. You will be given a checked-in baggage reclaim tag to be verified at Kuala Lumpur (KUL) LCC Terminal.

3)      Arrival in Kuala Lumpur – Proceed to the transfer hall (Upon entering terminal, head left before the escalator; look out for the directional signage). You DO NOT need to clear immigration or collect your checked-in baggage.

4)      Transfer Hall – Present your checked-in baggage reclaim tag for verification. You will be checked-in by our staff, and given your second boarding pass.

Departune Hall – Proceed to the departure gates via the transfer hall to board your flight.

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