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Most of the Air Asia Passengers will think that the heavier check-in luggage weight, the higher fees will be charged. The theory is right but could not be applied with AirAsia new baggage supersize fees and charges. AirAsia has data showing that most check-in luggage usually weights between 20KG to 25KG which resulted the passenger to pay higher luggage excess fees as much as RM 15 per kg for domestic flight and RM 20 per kg for International flight.

Previously, for pre-book online check-in baggage for 15Kg, the passenger has to pay for RM10. Now you have to pay RM20 for 15Kg luggage which is 100% increase fee rate. When you check-in the 15 Kg luggage at airport, you need to pay RM20 previously and now the fees had been increased to RM30. I know you must think that you need to pay even more for supersize baggage (20kg), Supersize large (25kg) and extra large luggage (30kg), but the truth is you need to pay less than last time. I thought this is interesting fact because you are paying cheaper fees for heavier luggage.

For example, for 20kg pre-book baggage supersize category, you just need to pay for Rm30 compare to RM43-RM55 in the previous fees. For 25Kg luggage, you only need to pay for RM 40 instead of RM 80-RM105. Therefore, I can see that AirAsia is encouraging people to have baggage weights 20Kg to 30Kg instead of 15Kg. However, you must pre-book all the baggage online to enjoy the lower rates.

Kindly refer to AirAsia Pre-book Baggage Supersize new fees below:

Airasia new luggage fees

  9 Responses to “AirAsia Luggage New Fees | Pre-book Online To Save More”

  1. i am confused about ur luggage charges. pls just let me know, i am leaving KL, going to Laos. so is ur luggage charges? n if coming back to KL, u charged again?


    • @annie: Below are the pre-book luggage charges when you fly from KL to Laos:

      Supersize Regular – International (up to 15kg)-RM 35
      Supersize Medium – International (up to 20kg)-RM 40
      Supersize Large – International (up to 25kg)-RM 50
      Supersize Xtra Large – International (up to 30kg)-RM 60

      When you come back to KL again, you will be charged again and the pre-book baggage charges as below:
      Supersize Regular – International (up to 15kg)-USD 13
      Supersize Medium – International (up to 20kg) -USD 15
      Supersize Large – International (up to 25kg) -USD 18
      Supersize Xtra Large – International (up to 30kg)-USD 22

  2. hi my flight to bandung on 9 nov 2012 10.30am..Qz8366 but I forget to book luggage check in frm sin-bandung can I do it on actual day at airport..pls advice

  3. i am going back to sabah tomorrow, in case if my baggage exceed the maximum weight , how much i have to pay per kg?

  4. Hello there, I will take air asia flight to Boracay, phillipines this coming Friday. I didnt buy luggage, I will just bring along hand carry baggage. I wanted to ask, can I bring along small bottle shampoo (approximately10ml),cosmetic items in little bottle (make up base /mascara) in my hand carry baggage? Please advice yea! Thank you so much! yvonetong@hotmail.com- Hope you can reply me in my email. Thank you SOOO much!

    • @Yvone Tong: Subject to the prevalent applicable local laws and regulations passengers may take liquids on board in their hand luggage provided they meet the following restrictions:
      – The liquid is in a container with a maximum volume of 100ml
      – That all liquid containers meeting the maximum volume of 100ml each can be fitted comfortably into a transparent, re-sealable 1 litre plastic bag.

  5. Hi,I’m just want to know about your baggage charges..I’m still confuse with that..Is that for checked baggage-below 15kg and carried baggage -below 7kg is free?So like that means I can bring 2bags with me?1-checked baggage and another 1 carried baggage? Your charges only for over 15kg and 7kg right?

  6. Hi I have bought my ticket from xiecheng.com, they do not provide pre-booking luggage, I would like to pre-book 25 kg luggage how can i purchase this online

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