Apr 212011

Although the International fuel price has been increased and the aviation jet fuel price is standing at more than US$140 per barrel, AirAsia – the largest low cost carrier in Asia is continuing its business without imposing extra fuel surcharge to the passengers.

After comparing with previous AirAsia ticket that I booked last year (below image), I found out that AirAsia had actually increased some processing fees and service fees.

airasia fee in 2010

I have compiled the below AirAsia fee items that had been increased since last year. The fee table is based on Kuala Lumpur to Penang (one way):

Fee Items Previous (RM) Current (RM) Difference (RM)
Super-Sized Baggage (0-15KG) RM 10 RM 25 RM 15
Pick a Seat (Standard) RM 5 RM 6 RM 1
Pick a Seat (Hot Seats) RM 20 RM 30 RM 10
Convenience Fee RM 5 RM 8 RM 3

Let’s see the current AirAsia fee schedule processing and service fee:

airasia increases fees in 2011

How To Check AirAsia Taxes, Fees and other Charges?

AirAsia has displayed all the fee schedules includes taxes, fees and charges in AirAsia website for your reference. You can view all these charges at AirAsia Fee Schedule page. Just select the departure and arrival destination and click Search button to view the fee table.

  3 Responses to “AirAsia Increases Super-Size Baggage, Pick A Seat, Convenience Fees”

  1. that’s where airasia earns its money! extra charges! :)

  2. This is to be expected since almost all of the cost nowadays gets higher and higher but I never expected this to happen quickly. Thank you for the heads up.

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