Mar 092011

Recently, one of my readers had found a better AirAsia cheap tickets search engine than Air Asia Plus. It’s called and it can show both return AirAsia tickets in one search only. This is an advantage compares to AirAsiaPlus flight search website.

airasia booking website

Besides that, the search results of Air Asia Booking are fast and the fares shown include taxes, fuel surcharge or any administrative fee charges. I have double-checked on AirAsia website and the all-in-one fares displayed on both sites are similar. Below are the screenshots taken from AirAsia website and

Official AirAsia Website (

airasia online booking

airasia booking result

Extra Feature – Air Asia Fare Calendar

AirAsiaBooking website has an extra feature called Air Asia Fare Calendar where you can find the lowest all-in-fare of the year. For example, I choose the month of May 2011 and I can easily identify which day of the month has the lowest fare of the year by different colors. Green means the lowest fare of the year, yellow means the low fare of the year, blue means normal fare of the year and red means the highest fare of the year.

airasia booking fare calendar

Conclusion: website is a fast and convenient Air Asia Flight Search website. You can find a cheap AirAsia ticket within a single click and the search result will show all available AirAsia flight tickets including return tickets on that day, previous and next 4 days respectively.

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