Oct 212010

When we talk about blogging, we will think of Blogger, WordPress, Moveable Type, Tumblr or Microsoft Live space and other smaller blogging platforms. I had been using Blogger as my first blogging platform and then migrated and install WordPress blog on own server. Since then, I never looked back again to other blogging platforms because WordPress is the perfect blogging platform for me.

Adobe and Microsoft Live Spaces move to WordPress

Why WordPress Is the Best Blogging Platform?

I will list out some reasons why I think WordPress is the best blogging platform for me.

1)      Free and Easy to use. WordPress is free as it is developed using open source codes. There are many beautiful free WordPress themes available for free download online. I love the experience that I can easily post an article by clicking the Publish button only. I can easily insert the pictures into the post and preview it before publishing online.

2)      Great Plugins Functionality. There are tons of useful free WordPress plugins that can be downloaded and installed within a minute to improve your blog functionalities such as All in One SEO plugin to enable your blog to be notified by Search Engine easily.

3)      Gain more control by using Self-hosted WordPress. One of the reasons that I love to use self hosted WordPress is I can control all the plugins settings, post settings, putting the ads whenever I want. I also can ensure all my posts being backup securely using plugin which could not be done using Blogger.

4)      More Secure. WordPress team is diligently upgrading the WordPress version to keep it secure and fixing the security bugs. It will provide a better protection to your blogs and you can rest assured everything running smoothly without hassle.

Do you know that recently Adobe and Microsoft Live Space had migrated their blogs to WordPress as well? Adobe had migrated their 1200 blogs from Movable Type to WordPress 3.0 in 2010 according to Blog Consulting who in charged to migrate Adobe’s blogs. You can view all Adobe’s blogs here.

Microsoft Live Spaces is a blogging platform used by over 30 million people for many years and Microsoft also decided to partnership with WordPress.Com to move all blog posts, comments, and photos to WordPress.com and using their WordPress features. According to Microsoft, existing Windows Live Spaces users are able to move their blog easily to WordPress.com and not losing any visitors because they will redirect all Live Spaces URLs to new blog. In the future, when you publish a new post on WordPress.Com, your Messenger friends will be notified as well.


Now I can foresee WordPress platform will grow steadily and gaining more customers in the future after the joining of Microsoft Live Spaces. Therefore, I will recommend new bloggers to start your blog on WordPress platform because it is the perfect blogging platform.

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